Tuku Morgan supports the sale of state owned assets

So says Waatea journalist Adam Gifford:

Tainui looks to asset sales gold rush

Waikato Tainui leader Tukuroirangi Morgan says state assets are an ideal investment for iwi.

Mr Morgan is supporting Prime Minister John Key’s plan to sell shares in the state-owned energy companies if National is re-elected.

He says Tainui has the option to buy Genesis Energy’s Huntly Power Station if it is ever sold, and it also wants shares in Mighty River Power, which owns the hydro dams on the Waikato River. More

and who the hell is John Spencer?

Who is this fellow called John Spencer? Is it true that he’s threatening to leave Tainui? I wouldn’t know.

Tremendous World news! It’s Game Over for Mubarak! Revolution Happening in Egypt!

The people of Egypt revolt against decades of corruption. Regime change happening right now. Amazing scenes in Cairo. The military is holding back.

Egyptians take back their country.

NZ Herald Jan 29, 2011

Enigma of a strong Kingitanga woman who’s staying staunch
By Yvonne Tahana
11:03 AM Saturday Jan 29, 2011

It’s been a difficult time for Tania Martin, the Waikato-Tainui leader who bounced back last week from a political crisis sparked by her scathing November report about executive tribal spending.

King Tuheitia fired her as a chairwoman of the tribe’s parliament, Te Kauhanganui, shortly after.

However, she refused to distance herself from her report which asked for greater transparency and a review of Te Arataura’s (Tainui’s executive board) activities.


Poukai flag stolen…


Mrs Monkey, could you pleese return the flag you stole!

Would the cheeky monkey who stole the Poukai flag from Hukanui Marae please bring it back.

The Hukanui Marae committee would really love to have their flag returned and are promising to give the cheeky monkey lots of bananas if She returns it in good condition. Kia ora!

Money for Tainui students

Don't miss out! Get your applications in before Feb. 28th

There is grant money available for students, so you had better get your applications in quick before the executives spend all the money.
There is less money available this time round cos the greedy Tainui executives are spending up large. Did you know that there isn’t as much money as there was before? Did you know that?
Click the links below for the application forms, you might get enough money to buy yourself an iphone or something nice, wouldn’t you?

Timaru Herald

Even writers in Timaru are commenting about Tainui!

Tainui’s political infamy has spread far beyond Waikato’s main road and even residents of Timaru (a town located halfway to Antarctica) have taken notice and the Timaru Herald has some words to say about Tainui’s dirty politics.

Troubling times as Tainui factions form

The recent spate of reports flowing from the Waikato regarding the in-house fighting of Tainui are worrying. The latest flurry of accusations to be levelled at certain members of Waikato- Tainui takes the public back to a time when they found themselves in difficulty from a number of high-risk investments including owning the country’s only rugby league franchise, the Warriors.

Reflecting on that time they were simply bad investment decisions. In comparison with the number of high-flying finance companies that have gone bust over the past two years, some will have sympathy for the plight of Tainui. To their credit the string of bad investments made by Tainui were reversed and they now find themselves as major economic players within the Waikato .

The latest criticism to face Tainui however is more concerning. Read the rest of the Timaru Herald article »

NZ Herald, Jan 26, 2011

NZ Herald commentary.

Brian Rudman: Blow to kingly power exposes royal farce

For an old republican like myself, the bloody noses the Tainui tribal parliament gave King Te Arikinui Tuheitia Paki and his right-hand Rasputin, Tuku Morgan, on Saturday, was a moment to savour. Read the rest of the Herald article »

Hey Tuku, where did the money go?


Cha ching! More mana-moolah for Arataura executives means less for the ordinary Tainui people

Thanks Stuff.co.nz

Lower payout adds to tension

The amount of money Tainui dishes out to its people is declining, the head of the tribe’s parliament claims as the Maori king steps up a campaign to get rid of her.

Tania Martin, chairwoman of tribal parliament Te Kauhanganui, has been under fire since she released a report in November which alleged spending by the tribe’s executive board, Te Arataura, was out of control. More


Tuku defamed? Whatever!

This guy loves to take anyone to court, as long as its the people of Tainui who are paying for his lawyers bills.

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