Introducing the “Chief of Staff”…

He’s short, fat, and ugly. He’s also a child basher.

Violent past of King’s adviser revealed

One of the Maori King’s closest advisers is a wife and child basher who once fronted an anti-violence advertising campaign with prominent New Zealanders without telling them of his violent past…

Whakaruru’s brother, Noka Whakaruru, said at the time that they tried to talk him out of the campaign and were glad his violent past had been revealed. “He was pig-headed . We tried to persuade him [not to go ahead] . . . because he’s got a big mouth.”

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The NZ Herald has an article, read more King’s staff selection alarms Tainui faction.


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  1. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 16:30:19

    From: Rangi W [Rangi.W@kiingitanga.corn]
    Sent: Sunday, 11 November 20121:35 p.m.

    Subject: Kiingitanga Submission – Request for Confidentiality

    Teena koe
    I have been away for several days and currently in my office catching up on business.Further to my last email sent to you on the 7 November 2012 at 6.11am, I did not see or receive a response from you in relation to my preference seeking your agreement to keep the Kiingitanga Submission confidential.

    This has caused me some concern and I am compelled to explain and lay out the difficulties and issues around my concern.

    1. At the time the submission was made, I sought very precisely, to have the entire submission kept confidential. You however came back to me saying that you were limited in your ability to accommodate my request. Again on the 7 November 2012 at 6.11am, I further reiterated my request, which I must say was quite clear in terms of my wish for the submission to remain confidential.

    2. At the time the submission was made and due to the little time we had to make the submission, this office had not completed its obligations to enter into a formal consultation process with the whole of the Kiingitanga including all of the River Iwi. This process included all of the Iwi and Kiingitanga stakeholders having input or opinions on the submission or any part of the content of the submission. As in all cases, this submission cannot be considered binding on any hapu or Iwi of the River, as they have not had a chance or opportunity to consider it.

    I requested the accommodation for confidentiality knowing that our process was not going to be a short one.

    I am seeking your absolute assurance and agreement at your earliest opportunity, stating that this submission will remain confidential in all respects as I originally requested.

    This submission as its stands is not representative of the views of the Hapu and Iwi of the Waikato River.

    Because of my concerns, I have copied the Legal Advisors into this email as well.


    Te Rangihiroa (Rangi) Whakaruru I Principal Private Secretary to Kiingi Tuheitia I Secretary to the Kiingitanga
    Contacts: +64 21 02500424 I Office: +64 7 824 7678 I Fax: +64 7 834 4881
    Primary Email: I Website:

    Turongo House I P.O Box 63 Ngaruawahia 3742, NEW ZEALAND
    Turangawaewae House I 2 Eyre Street Ngaruawahia, NEW ZEALAND

    This is the annexure marked referred to in the affidavit and sworn
    A Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand


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