Some notes from today’s meeting at Hopuhopu

The much awaited meeting of Tainui’s tribal parliament, Te Kauhanganui, took place at Hopuhopu today. The main aim of today’s meeting was the attempt by Te Arataura (Tainui’s tribal executive) to get rid of Tania Martin, the chairperson of Te Kauhanganui.

  • Things didn’t start off very well when observers in the lounge adjacent to the main chamber were unable to receive an audio feed from the main Kauhanganui chamber. The sound gear had been stolen, apparrently.
  • After hours of debate, Koro Wetere takes over as the temporary chairperson for the meeting. This is in spite of assurances given to the high court in December that Tania Martin’s duties as chairperson would continue unimpeded. Typical.
  • Greg Miller, you’re fired! (is this true?)
  • Kingi Porima is back. We thought Tuku had got rid of him? Typical.
  • Te Arataura chairman, Tuku Morgan, in a desperate move -attempts to table papers at the meeting containing damning evidence against Tania Martin, apparrently. It’s more likely that those papers contained nothing, just like the contents of Tuku’s head -emptiness- . Tuku gets told to shove those papers somewhere else, all in a very nice way, of course.
  • The place erupts when it’s announced that the votes have been counted and by a considerable margin, Tania Martin will remain as the chairperson of Tainui’s parliament. Well done Tainui!
  • It’s a cold, wet, and miserable day for Te Arataura, but a great day for the people of Tainui.
  • We can’t wait for Tuku Morgan’s coming media release saying that he is pleased that the democratic process has been followed. Yeah right! [Tuku later commented that he looks forward to working with Tania Martin. Tuku’s lies are never ending!]
  • [Tuku Morgan had told the various media organizations that he would be ready to give statements at 12.00pm to announce his triumph at having gotten rid off Tania Martin. By 5.00pm the news media got a no-show and nothing but silence! LOL!]


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