Pay the lawyer…

Te Kauhanganui chairperson Tania Martin incurred significant costs while successfully defending herself at the high court in December against desperate individuals who would ignore the constitution at all costs to see her replaced with someone who is more ‘willing’ and ‘compliant’.

Remember that in 2008 the previous chair of Te Kauhanganui, Tom Roa, had to defend himself at the high court against the Tuku Morgan led Te Arataura executive in similar circumstances. Te Arataura lost that one too, so Tuku already has a lousy track record at the Hamilton high court.

In recent times Te Arataura has had no qualms about wasting hundreds of thousands of Tainui dollars on legal fees.

Could it be that the campaign to strongarm marae representatives into voting against having the chairperson’s legal fees paid for by Tainui, be underway already? It seems that this would be a method of financial punishment for Tania Martin because Tuku Morgan is suffering much embarrassment after yesterday when 32 courageous marae voted for a positive direction for Tainui.


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