Hīona Marae responds to persecution done by Tuku and Rahui!

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Tuku Morgan and Rahui Papa drag Te Arataura further into the gutter with their unethical investigations and scum behaviour!

In an act of pure desperation, Morgan and Papa have approached relatives of Tania Martin at their homes in an effort to ‘dig up the dirt’ on the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman.

On more than one occasion they were told to “F&$k off!” (just like the king’s language).

Mr Morgan and Mr Papa have since ceased to continue these ‘home invasions’.

the Maurea Poukai

It will be a very interesting day at Maurea Marae!

It seems apparent that the Maurea Poukai on Feb 26 looks set to become a modern maori battleground of sorts… with the maori king astounded by the unwillingness of his disloyal peasants to toe the line… and having already boycotted Hukanui Marae they are rallying the executive troops together… ready to dish up the dirt on Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin… because the Tainui parliament meets the following day on the 27th…

Whats at stake? Millions & Millions…

Whats in the way? An uncooperative Tainui tribal parliament… a financial review of Tainui executive spending… governance review… transparency… accountability…

[The boycotters of the Hukanui Poukai are getting ready to make their grand show at Maurea.]


It’s not just Te Kauhanganui and the executives having all the fun -the lawyers who were feeling a bit left out have decided to get in on some of the action too! Fascinating stuff!

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Maybe it's not so confidential after all

Hukanui Poukai day commentary

Kia ora! A huge shout goes out to Paree for this wonderful contribution:

Hukainui Poukai was full of Arohanui with a good turnout of Ngati Wairere Whanui and the vistors who came appreciated the Flag flying of Te Atairangi Kaahu our recent beloved Queen. Her Daughter who came down to our Pokai from Te Puea Marae in Mangere with her followers were blessed and showed her love with tears of Gratitude and sadness her Brother Tuheitia may have missed out on on such a humle Pokai by the locals who all worked so hard to make it a happy and successful day regardless of the setback..

Maybe the person who returned Kingi Tueitia,s flag thru her own selfish judgemental attitude of Ngati Wairere nui tonu may regret her selfish motives, cutting herself off by her actions and power seeking motives with no regard to the Poukai Kaupapa of having been actioned by Kingi Tawhiao for the Widows and ophans of the past to the present in his time of Reign to Wairere our Tupuna.

Maa na ano hei patu itona kino mo tona mahi ia Ngati Wairere..AkeAke Tonu…

Sweet Jesus! The king demands 20 Mill from the people of Tainui?

Is it true that the maori king wants the people of Tainui to stump up $20 million for his pet projects?

The funds are needed to ‘renovate’ historical buildings at Ngaruawahia, apparently.

Its the job of his cronie Rahui Papa to sell this lie to the people of the Tainui tribe over the coming weeks.

The ordinary people of Tainui keep getting less and less, and some body else keeps demanding more and more!

the Hukanui Poukai

Will the maori king boycott today’s poukai at Hukanui Marae as punishment for those marae which supported Tania Martin at the recent Kauhanganui vote?

Did Tainui management hand over the results of the ‘secret’ voting ballot to Te Arataura and the maori king’s cronies? So is there a list of the 32 marae, and are there going to be recriminations from the highrarchy?

Update coming soon!

[Update: The maori king did not attend the Poukai at Hukanui. Ngati Haua people also boycotted the Poukai. Reports from eye witnesses who attended say that it was a great day out at Hukanui Marae on Saturday. The attempt to turn Hukanui into a pariah marae failed miserably. Kia ora!]

Chairperson’s Report to Te Kauhanganui, February 2011

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Tuku’s message to Tariana Turia and the Maori Party

“There is one message that we give to you. Sort your house out. A house divided is completely unhelpful” said that great Tainui hypocrite Tukuroirangi Morgan.

the Tainui figures for 2010 – Tainui Information

Tainui graph 2010

The figures for 2010 show a very top-heavy distribution while the ordinary Tainui people miss out on a lot.

Tainui oh yeah!

The Tainui Te Arataura execs reward themselves for delivering less to the people that they supposedly represent by taking more and more for themselves while diminishing the returns to the Tainui people.

Then they should stop blowing hundreds of thousands of the peoples dollars on fruitless legal escapades thats what we all say.

Here’s a reminder about what the charitable purposes are meant to be for:

  • relief of poverty;
  • advancement of education;
  • advancement of religion; and
  • other purposes beneficial to the community

The wealth of Tainui should not be wasted on first class trips to Dubai and New York for a privileged few. Wake up Tainui!

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