…it’s not a good look is it?

So what do Tainui’s Te Arataura executives do in the middle of a recession when maori unemployment is at the highest level in many years? They give themselves an almighty pay rise. Then they sweeten the pot even more by back dating that pay rise, and then they ‘forget’ to tell the Tainui Parliament about the pay rise that they just gave themselves. And to top it all off, Iwi distributions are down this year.

And thats not a good look. Shame on you Mxxine Moana, Rahui Papa, and Robert Tukiri.

    From Tania Martin’s November report: “…Financial analyses reflect a declining rate of distribution back to our marae and iwi. This means that the substantial increase in remuneration against the current rate of distribution, is not fair to Te Kauhanganui, and the failure to report this increase back to Te Kauhanganui, not only conflicts with the principles of transparency and accountability, but also questions the Executive’s regard for the integrity of our tribal parliament… “

why we don’t hear much from this guy anymore…

Robert Tukiri Jr was forever whining about being poor and complaining that nobody from Tainui would give him a free house, and always saying that he was too destitute to buy himself some nice clothes, or even to wash the old ones that he had. Ewww.

We don’t hear much from this charming fellow because his non-stop whining and crying got noticed by a sympathetic tribal parliament and in 2009 he was elected to Tainui’s Te Arataura Executive and guess what? He became the boss of the “Remuneration Committee”.

Pay rise anybody? Shhh don’t tell Te Kauhanganui.

[Please don’t get this whining guy confused with this good guy…] cheers!

at over 15%, Tainui & Maori unemployment levels continue to rise

Kia ora, here is todays bad news,

  • 8,000 more kiwis enter the dole queue
  • Maori unemployment rate jumps to 15.5%
  • Pacific Islanders rate 13.5%
  • 15-to-19 year olds over 25%
  • The total unemployed for all of NZ has risen to 6.8%, up from 6.4% in September, 2010
  • More lies from prime minister John Key as he “…vows to deliver more jobs…”