the King’s wife causes outrage in the USA…


Attending the National Prayer Breakfast in the USA, the King’s wife was introduced to Vice President Joe Biden to which she immediately insulted her hosts by uttering in the most disrespectful tone to Mr Biden, “I’m not here to meet you!”

It’s obvious that this foolish woman is clearly not up to it and she should stick to her day job as a nobody receptionist instead of going to the other side of the world causing embarrassment to all Maori and New Zealanders with her dumb, arrogant performance.

She is a total waste of space and a waste of $64,000 of Tainui money.

the King is running a leaky ship…

Secretary to King owes IRD $250,000: A close adviser of the Maori King, Tuheitia, involved in a deal that soured during his mother’s reign has bills totalling more than $250,000 with the Inland Revenue Department. Leaked documents reveal Te Rangihiroa (Rangi) Whakaruru, who also uses Wallace as a last name, owed $165,710 in income tax in December… Read more>>

Royal travel bill $64,360: King Tuheitia’s wife and son flew to Washington DC to attend the annual National Prayer Breakfast with President Barack Obama and associated events last month at a cost of $64,360. A leaked travel bill from Orbit Corporate Travel was invoiced to “Ururangi Trust” – the body that handles an annual $1.28 million grant given to the King by Waikato-Tainui… Read more>>

blown budgets at Tainui

Is it true that we hear that the Te Arataura executives blew through their whole year’s budget by February this year?

Will they apply for a top up from the people of Tainui?

Is it no wonder that Te Arataura executives aren’t charging appearance fees for attending Poukai meetings now that a light is shining on their irresponsible spending antics?

No wonder they are trying their hardest to slam any suggestion of a financial review which brings with it greater transparency and ultimately -accountability.

Bring it on.

Its been said that…

…certain Tainui executives have taken to labeling Hukanui Marae as the “traitor Marae” in their conversations… that’s typical behavior that we expect from those people anyway.

King causes outrage to Ngai Tuhoe

Who's an egg!

The news circulating round the Maurea Poukai was that at the recent Matatini competition in Gisborne, the king’s spokesman Rahui Papa, spoke to Tuhoe elders and suggested that the maori king would be glad to appear at the upcoming Tuhoe Ahurei celebrations on the following conditions: that an appearance fee be paid to the king and his entourage and that the kings banner be the sole flag flying over the Tuhoe venue.

Its needless to say that the Tuhoe people are outraged by this ridiculous proposition!

Yet another embarrassing faux-pas moment that he would rather forget, egg all over your face Rahui Papa.