Tuku’s legacy…

Welcome to the Tainui prison. Nau mai, haere mai.

Tuku’s gift to the people of Tainui are the jails and prisons that he plans to build to lock up Tainui prisoners.

As Tainui’s future jailer, Tuku knows that there is just truck loads of money to be made from locking up Tainui people on behalf of the NZ government.

Surely after the colonization war and destruction, the disposession of Tainui’s homelands, after the horrible Raupatu, after forced conscription in Waikato, surely Tainui cannot be headed down this pathway?

Apparantley it’s all true… Tainui becomes the patsy keen to do the dirty work for the government. Prime Minister John Key must be laughing.

Watch the Te Karere presenter do a total suck-up job of the interview with Tuku.


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