Joe Charles, fraudster at work…

Introducing Joe Charles, Nga-Hau-e-Wha Marae representative, current and soon to be former secretary of Te Arataura. Charles breached the rules of the Tainui Tribal Parliament by failing to give the required 21 days notice to Te Kauhanganui members of the impending May 28th meeting.

This monumental c0ck-up is made even worse when Secretary Charles realizes that everything is all gone to sh!t! and proceeds to signs off on the notice in someone else name -none other than Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin! In a lame attempt to implicate her as being responsible for his own incompetence!

With such a pathetic attempt to smear Tania Martin, this is further proof that Joe Charles is the empitome of such a desperate, incompetent douchebag!


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