Te Arataura gets spooked by Eraka’s Blog

Respect MY authority!

A brave, anonymous Tainui staffer who we shall refer to as “Person X” has informed us that Te Arataura have been spooked by the information published at Eraka’s Blog and the result is that Old Man Morgan has called in computer security experts to investigate Tainui email servers and data in a desperate effort to find out the source(s) of the leaks (Tainui staffers who spend most of the day watching pirated movies and playing games should delete those immediately).

Eraka’s Blog shall continue to publish information about incompetence, malfeasance, corruption, or even criminal activity happening at Tainui.

It is the policy of Eraka’s Blog that if requested by the NZ Police, Eraka’s Blog shall fully comply with NZ law and hand over all computer hardware, data, and passwords for proper investigation by the authorities.

Btw, the mirrors are ready!