Tuku Morgan gets paid by John Key

"Tuku is my mate and I don't believe in Taniwha's"

Morgan needs to realize who exactly he is working for. Morgan has shown absolutely no respect for the mana of Te Kauhanganui and the ordinary people of Tainui, however, he has been pocketing a tidy sum while working on the side for the government…

“Mr Finlayson said that between November 16, 2008, and March 1, 2010, the Office of Treaty Settlements paid Mr Morgan $171,093 for facilitation work with a number of claimant groups.”

The High Court tells Te Arataura where to go: Victory for the people of Tainui

From the High Court, with love

Tuku’s dirty politics don’t pay off.

The Te Kauhanganui tribal parliament had voted in favor of reimbursing Chairwoman Tania Martin’s legal costs incurred during her defense months ago when the Maori king and Morgan attempted to have her fired because she started asking hard questions about the financial state of Tainui.

Despite violating the constitution and Te Kauhanganui Rules, and showing absolutely no respect for the Tainui Tribal Parliament, Morgan and Te Arataura have fought tooth and nail to to prevent Martin’s costs from being paid. Until today. The High Court has displayed common sense and ordered Te Arataura to pay Martin’s costs in full.

The worst thing about this fiasco is the unnessary waste of Tainui money on needless lawyers that cost $1,000 per hour, wasting court time, and a total waste for Te Kauhanganui which Te Arataura are responsible for. Get rid of them.

Power to the People!

Tuku feels the heat

He’s cracking and showing signs of desperation…

Your conduct toward the CEO is already a matter of grave concern for Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura.

I have previously reminded you of your precise role and that is to chair and facilitate meetings of Te Kauhanganui. You have no right or ability to take information in this way and as the result assume the management role of Te Arataura and our staff.

In our view, the action of taking information that formed part of the package to Te Kauhanganui members from Hopuhopu without the permission from the CEO is both dishonest and without claim of right and as such is an act of theft. We can only suggest sense prevails and that you return that properly immediately and do not copy, use or alter it in any way.

If you fail to do so, your continued inappropriate behaviour will compel me to take immediate legal action against you to protect both the staff and property of Te Kauhanganui.

naku noa

Tukoroirangi Morgan