Morgan & his lawyers vs The Tainui People


Tuku Morgan’s queens counsel laywers will charge about $1,000 per hour for giving legal advice on his side while he fights against the representatives of The People of Tainui, Te Kauhanganui. These vile individuals represent Tuku Morgan ONLY, and their bill will be sent to Te Kauhanganui for payment.

Picture this scenario:
Queens counsel wakes up on Saturday morning. Has a nice breakfast and gets ready to travel to south to Ngaruawahia. Leaves the apartment at 7 or 7.30 am to make it in time for a 9 am start at Hopu Hopu. Arrives in time to talk strategy with Tuku before the hui begins. Cost to Tainui: $2,000.

Karakia and mihimihi are done with, the time is approximately 9.30 am. Cost to Tainui: another $500.

By 10.30, it’s time for morning tea and savouries. Cost to Tainui: another $1,000.

Back to the hui and another two hours passes. Thats right, it’s another $2,000 robbed from your children straight into the pockets of Tuku’s greedy lawyers.
At 12.30 it’s time for a 30 min lunch break. Still using the lawyer’s time means another $500 goes on the bill. Six grand by lunchtime. Thank you very much.

The hui is scheduled to be finished by 3.30, by the time poroporoaki are done with, it’s past 4 pm. $1,000 times three hours means $3,000 schmackeroos goes on the bill.

Don’t forget that these Q.C’s have to travel back to Auckland from Hopu Hopu don’t they? Another two hours on the road means another $2,000 bucks for the greedy law firm. So far these scum have made the people of Tainui cough up $11,000 for a day at the office.

Oh, don’t forget GST, that’ll be another $1,650 thank you very much. It’s a pleasure doing business, so they say.

And this is typical behaviour by Tuku Morgan blowing Tainui money all over the place. Those infamous filthy underpants were NOTHING. This is where it’s really at.

Financial Review. Now!


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  1. ezekiel
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 08:45:46

    This is it in a nut shell ist it?…about Tuku/Te Aratura against nga iwi o Waikato-Tainui (TKH) and their blatant disregard to be transparent and accountable. It is asolutely obscene and appalling that we the iwi are constantly subjected to such insolence, incredulous also to think that we have to contend with egos and personalities that border on narcicissm and self-importance in order to get explanations on their friivolous spending vs decreases in marae, education and kaumatua grants to name a few. Come on people wake up, let Tuku & his cronies know enough is enough.


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