University Exams….

I will be doing my mid-year university exams in two weeks!

Lets hope that chapman trip don’t try to put an injunction on those as well!

Wish me luck!

Which way are they gonna vote this time?

Back in January, the Marae committee at Turangawaewae voted overwhelmingly to SUPPORT the current T.K. chair Tania Martin and instructed their reps to do so at the crucial vote. The very next day the Maori king heard about this turn of events and ordered the Turangawaewae reps to vote AGAINST Tania Martin at the meeting.

So there is a question mark over which way they actually voted that day, isn’t there?

Recently we have heard rumors that Tuku Morgan has personally hand picked Turangawaewae rep, N. Williams, to be the boss of the new Tainui prison that Tuku is determined to have built… if this is all true which way do you think Williams vote will fall?

It’s also no coincidence that Williams has been very vocal in his support of Te Arataura lately…

The Lobbyists are hard at work

It’s been reported that the Maori King’s office have been frantically busy contacting marae representatives and urging them to pledge their support for Tuku and the Arataura’s on the vote this weekend.

About the only marae that they can really count on is the marae reps from Horahora.

Is it true that Horahora marae received a $500,000 gift of Tainui cash from Tuku when they were in serious crap over the building of their new wharekai a couple years back?