Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

We have been disgusted by the turn of events today, that Tuku HAS managed to SABOTAGE the Te Kauhanganui meeting sheduled for this Saturday by DELIBERATELY failing to provide adequate notice of the meeting.

First it was his main monkey and Fellow Te Arataura member Charles Joe who sabotaged the May meeting and now Tuku does the dirty work himself to have this one abandoned.

Either way Tuku and Te Arataura have committed political suicide

In the face of a Tainui tribal parliament who only wants to conduct business openly, fairly, and honestly.

Tuku has only bought himself some extra time before the inevitable, thats all.

Thanks again to Tribal Goss for the heads up!

Desperately crazily desperate

Another episode from the Tainui soap opera… yesterday, Morgan desperately tries to drag Tania Martin back into court in another last ditch attempt to have the saturday Te Kauhanganui meeting aborted… the court has had enough of Morgan and tells him where to go… even more Tainui money wasted by Tuku Morgan!

Some things go without saying, Te Kauhanganui, you know what to do!

Taniwha News

Recently, Ngati Whatua’s taniwha has been getting all the front page attention but did you know that a few years ago the Prison taniwha at MereMere cost Transit NZ over $800,000 in Prison Money Taniwha Appeasement Fees which were paid to the Ngati Naho trust over there?

That was a few years ago, but with inflation and the strengthening of the New Zealand dollar, who knows how much muulah a taniwha requires these days?

There is no truth to the rumor that Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church have been approached to perform their taniwha exorcism ritual to clear the way for completion of the Super City’s infrastructure works!