Nanaia tries to say something:

“The Mona Lisa”…but she ends up saying nothing as she sits on the fence in typical politico style:


Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta says Tainui needs to get its house in order.

The tribe’s executive fended off a bid to sack it by getting a high court injuntion postponing the half-yearly meeting of the tribal parliament, which was to be held on the weekend.

Ms Mahuta says the squabble with the executive means Te Kauhanganui is failing to take care of the tribe’s business.

“Quite frankly, sooner or later people got to put egos aside, look at the business before the tribe, huge decisions need to be made and Te Kauhanganui and the marae must give direction or have to opportunity to give direction on some really critical issues facing us,” Ms Mahuta says.

Shout goes out to Waatea News Update!

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  1. ezekiel
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 10:30:01

    The same could also be said of Hori Awa who said on natve affairs last night that ‘our take’ should be dealt with on the marae and/or @ poukai, all good and well Mr Awa…. problem is @ poukai the people are told what they can or can’t talk about and the iwi are NEVER permitted to discuss matters of real importance i.e. accountability and transparency in the management of our resources. Rarely do you ever see Hori at any of the poukai!!!


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Jun 21, 2011 @ 10:53:36

      Ha for sure. If these people want to discuss all Tainui stuff only at a marae, why do they spend so much money on lawyers? More hypocrisy…


    • Caroline Dally-Rangitoheriri
      Jan 05, 2012 @ 13:43:48

      what an interesting comment you have made, in regards to Hori Te Awa’s coment.
      let me help you, as its obvious that you may not know Mr Awa as he has been attending Poukai for the last 20years and Koroneihana lets not forget the work he has and continues to do with the whanua hapu and Marae.. Do you do any of this, in fact who Are you – Are you able to reveal yourself or do you feel the need to hide? Lets meet at the next Pokai – love to have a yarn with you Kanohi Te Kanohi I will personally introduce you to Hori Te Awa and you can discuss any issuses you may have directly???
      Meanwhile the day is beautiful, a new year has begun, Happy new year to you and your whanau..


  2. moko puna
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 14:58:26

    typical crap from the inactive mahuta MP, whose family has well and truly lived off the tribal purse. as for awa bemoaning litigation costs he should talk to his mate mr prime minister um i mean mr morgan. bloody jokes all of them.


  3. tainui_bull
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 15:32:59



  4. Caroline Dally-Rangitoheriri - CDR
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 16:06:23

    Having read through all the previous comments written about various people in particular, makes one contemplate the whole Waikato Tainui position given their are also views from the media, the average kiwi, the other leaders within maoridom, other uri from within the boundaries of Tainui, the waikato benificaries, the international goverments, the united nations, the royal palace of england, nz goverment of all the various polictical groups, our peoples whom live off shore around the world.

    It really is a sad situation for the maori people some might say, whilst others like myself would have empathy for all of waikato Tainui (by the way Im Tainui also)

    Everyone does their best that they can on the day, whether that is judged as not enough by individuals is part of the course of living and working within public life regardless of your name, your family connections, your human intent is the most important issue.

    if you have the skills to work smarter and not harder, then you really are the right person for the job.. this refers to comments about nania.

    About the debarkle going in and out of the courts and the lawyers office.
    What is – is as they say..
    Evan our dear Maori Queen had to engage and endure this process.

    As for the lawyers cost, Yes they have stood to make a lot of money from us, but lets not forget, it was our own peoples that demanded and caused the events and continue to do so, and all for the same outcome – (non events)

    How can we be so narrow and not consider such costs when pointing the finger, making accusations with no real evidence to provide.
    Always remeber THIS….
    A price must be paid both under lore and law – meaning our l o r e, families and lives and communities are effected often long term , generation after generation.

    Under l a w – many millions of dollars are stood to be lost to lawyers, and many an opportunity to be had.
    Furthermore those dollars needed NOT be spent on such things.

    If we as a people peacefully and respectfully talk with each other, allowing each other as of our lore.
    Solutions would be found.

    How can We, as such a proud caring responsible race of people
    do such things to each other.??

    A new year has arrived lets Begin and Show by our Actions our Words
    Honour that whakapapa we have.

    Rember those words that a appear to be no longer spoken, from our Tupuna

    Have Self control, Self respect, Respect for others,
    Allowing each other – To be – To say – To participate
    in what is ours as a collective.

    Ugly words have been said and have hurt Many, including innocent mokopuna that can nott be taken back and only apologised for.

    PLEASE ALLOW ME TO APOLOGISE TO THOSE WHOM HAVE BEEN HURT. and humbly ask that we move forward together knowing we dont always agree with each other – (AND THATS OKAY) But Gracefully / Humbly accept the fact that we have had our say.

    Te Arikinui herself Consistently Encouraged our People to Confront all Challenges, Particularly those that may put at risk the well being of Waikato.

    She also insisted that it be Done in a MANNER that will Retain the Mana and the INTEGRITY of the People.

    Pai Marire



  5. Techno
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 08:47:49

    @ CDR Te Arikinui musta forgotten to tell her own son. cant remember her ever swearing at the people. holdup. that’s a fact too CDR.


    • Caroline Dally-Rangitoheriri - CDR
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 16:31:52

      Techno, You are so right Te Arikinui never swore at the people,
      Like i Said Those Words can Never be taken Back.

      Allow me to Apologise for the Hurt that those words have created.
      and ask that we all move on, and do the things we have to do together in a respectful supportive manner.

      To Err is to be Human – Have you never made a Mistake – I know I Have and Many.

      What Would be worse is that we use that as an Excuse, To not Get on with The Business of the Tainui Waikato Business..

      Pai marie


  6. Techno
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 08:50:58

    @ nanaia get a grip. you live and breathe with morgan and the king but you have done nothin. don’t go spouting off to the kauhanganui. walk your own bloody talk.


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