Wakey, wakey, Patience!

It’s been reported that the Te Arataura deputy chairwoman Mrs. Patience Te Ao gets a bee in her bonnet as Tuku won’t involve her in the grand scheme of things and prefers the company of his long time lackey Tim Maipi instead.

She has certainly woken up to the fact that she is the deputy chairperson in name only, apparently!

No wonder she’s been so quiet lately.

Hey Te Kauhanganui!

You guys were neve,r ever in the loop.

Tuku Morgan and his gang of butt kissers wouldn’t tell you anything!

It’s time that you were stopped being treated like fools, isn’t it?

Hey Tainui people!

The story of deceit continues!

Do you ever wonder why Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura won’t listen to you lot?

Cos Chapman Trip are running the show that’s why!

It appears that Chapman Trip creates companies in YOUR name WITHOUT telling you and appoints Chapman Trip people as a director on that company that you were NEVER told about!

What do you think about that?

Te Kauhanganui are the 100% ‘owner’ but didn’t know anything. NOTHING.

Nick Wells. WTF! Waikato Tainui Koiora Ltd. Tuku Morgan. OMG!

Unintended Consequences

The bizarre goings on at Tainui keep getting bizarrer and bizarrer:

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Who’s who in the Zoo: Justin Graham

Introducing one of the Chapman Trip scum who are in with Tuku Morgan all the way. This particular butt kissing sycophant goes by the name of Justin Graham. This vampire has sucked $300,000 (maybe $500,000 even more?) of what belongs to you people of Tainui.

Being one of Tuku’s legal bully boys makes him feel great!

People of Tainui it’s time for you to clean out the scum!

Pants on Fire

An uncomfortable feeling for Mr Morgan

The lying liar’s pants burn brightly and as we have said all along, Tuku’s lies get exposed by the NZ Police…

Police drop Tainui investigation

Police have dropped an investigation against the head of the Waikato Tainui parliament, saying there’s little evidence to support allegations of financial mismanagement.

The complaint against Tania Martin was initiated by Hiona Marae member Robin Whanga and supported by the chairperson of Te Arataura or the tribal executive, Tukuroirangi Morgan.

Mrs Martin had been accused of being involved in payments that were wrongfully made for such items as fans and lights, and even for housie sessions at Hiona Marae in the 1990s.

But the police looked into the case and found nothing untoward happened.

A spokesperson for Mrs Martin, Chris Webster, says the allegations were made because Mrs Martin released a report late last year that criticised Te Arataura for overspending.

Mr Whanga says he complained because of Mrs Martin’s comment that Te Arataura should be transparent and accountable.

Mrs Martin plans to file a police complaint against Mr Whanga and Mr Morgan.

Radio New Zealand

Great job there Tribal Goss!

Kingdom Come: The Great Debate

Some interesting conversations are being had from last Saturday’s Kingdom Come article published by the Waikato Times…

Tainui constituent #1 03:43 pm Jul 04 2011

Tuku says Bunny Tumai had no right to say anything to the media. Yes Tuku; this will allow you to ‘cover’ all your crap doings in the past 18 months or so. Makes you also wonder what people – namely, the bulk of Tainui tribe – do when they are not being listened to. Also that Bunny Tumai is not a kaumatua of consequence; come to Horahora Tuku; our Kingi re-union was run by Bunny Tumai as shown on TV. How dare you slander our kaumatua with your politicised PROPOGANDA! My kaumatua has put his mana, tribal standing, and reputation on the line for OUR TRIBE to go forward Tuku; you know it, as your tactic is to further entrench our kaumatuas voices in your Tribal Ostracision. I believe you are a coward and are running our tribe into ruin for your personal gain Tuku. Get out Tuku, get out.

Ngatai Huata #2 06:00 pm Jul 04 2011

i watched the debate between Tania Martin and Tuku Morgan. Honestly my initial response to both of them …. Tania Martin … Talked incessantly in a monotone voice ….she gave dates, times, More

“I don’t intend to muck around with the organisation,”

Said Parekawhia Patsy McLean.

Epic fail!

We said D’oh!

He Panui: Turangawaewae News

Kia ora whanau,

Firstly, accept my apologies for not sending out the usual ‘Whanau
panui’ (now called ‘The kamokamo vine’) last week with the various
tangi and this virus going around, I have been trying to contain the
sickness to our 2 households by staying home.

I have received some panui from TWW whanau and they are as follows:

  1. Waiata
    at Ahurewa every night this week at 6pm. These
    waiata are for our 90th anniversary, so please come and learn and bring
    others who are interested.
  2. Mau rakau
    at the War Memorial every monday nights – 4.30
    to 5.30 for kids 6pm to 7.30pm for adults. Contact Tane Te Koi for more
  3. TPM juniors
    koroneihana practise
    : is this Sunday the 10th at the Pa
    from 10am to 4pm. Please bring a gold coin to koha for our marae, water
    for your korokoro and kai for your puku.
  4. Marae toopu
    : at the marae this sunday as well (please see
    Maraetaka sent by Mara today).

Let me know if you have any other panui that you want the whanau to
know about and we will endeavor to get your message out to our wider
Turangawaewae whanau.

Take care whanau, keep warm and safe.

Mereaina Herangi

Mrs. McLean

Clint Eastwood Rickards

Don't give this bad-boy another reason to pull out his "Baton"

Information has come to light that Parekawhia Patsy McLean was handpicked by Tuku for the Tainui CEO job well over a year ago and that Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin had questioned Tuku about how this had come about. If this info is true then the CEO selection was just another farce orchestrated by Tuku, and that Clint Rickard was nothing but a fall guy who was put up because he was guaranteed to fail against McLean in the farcical “selection” process.

Can anybody verify this information for us? If it’s true, it’s no wonder Tuku Morgan is so desperate to have Tania Martin fired!

Thanks to Waikato’s Times: Clint Rickards misses out on Tainui’s top job.

Cheer’s NZ Herald: ‘No place for personality issues’ in Tainui job? Lol!

McLean’s bio is quite impressive, before it got ruined at Tainui.