The Rau fiasco Resurfaces…

This comment was made on one of the blog’s…

The story that I’m aware of is that CEO Rau was a major obstacle preventing Tuku Morgan and the Mari King’s easy access to Tainui’s money. The King wanted all his bills and new cars paid for by Tainui but that would have put Tainui’s charitable trust status at risk which would cost the Tainui tribe about a gazillion dollars in tax payments. So Rau said no to those guys and busted their balls. Therefore, Tuku and the King wanted Rau gone at all costs!!!!

And thats pretty much right on, we would have added:

  • Te Arataura resorted to monthly, petty, attacks to attempt to have Rau sacked
  • Shane Solomon and Rukumoana Shafthausen led a fake organizational restructure, $500,000 of Tainui funds wasted, with the sole intention of having Rau fired
  • much bitterness and ridiculousness because Rau was Tuku’s way
  • Rau wouldn’t let them have unfettered access to Tainui’s money

And look what’s happened, you know the rest…


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  1. tainui_bull
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 14:00:43

    Let us no if you want a job Hemi.


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