As Predictable As!

Yet again, Te ARataura have breached the rules when they went over the head of the Tainui tribal parliament and attempted to resurrect Tuku Morgan who was disqualified on August the 6th.

This comes as no surprise given that Te Arataura managed to hijack two Te Kauhanganui meetings so far this year through deliberate incompetence (Charles Joe, Tuku Morgan, Chapman Trip).

Morgan might be able to get a judge at the high court to undisqualify him, however, Morgan has also been disqualified from stealing from the tribal purse to fund his flash Chapman trip lawyers as well.

Maybe Chapman Trip will give him a couple of freebee’s cos he regularly blows tons of cash their way, not his own money, but Tainui’s money (of course).

We’re sick of it!

To be continued…..


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