Maui Street: “Tuku’s Last Dance”

Here’s a great post from the Maui Street blog titled Tuku Morgans Last Dance, and just like us at Eraka’s, the blogger over there is very intelligent, astute, and well travelled. But anyway, let’s focus on one of the comments made by ‘Anonymous’:

so far, the way i see it…. Tania Martin and the personal bloggers she feeds with confidential tainui information have bagged everyone from; tuku, tuku’s brother, the full te aratarua board, the kingitanga, the te kauhanganui ceo, half the staff at TGH and former tainui figures and leaders. Tuku may have his faults but at least he is getting the job done. from what i have read on the internet T Martin and her posse have being publishing the 50% of the total number of marae vote clause for quite some time… just doesn’t seem valid now that the didn’t reach the threshold. no matter how simple your maths is, 50% of 65(or 63) doesnt = the 30 votes achieved. te kauhanganui need to stand up against their bitter and twisted leader! August 9, 2011 7:07 PM

It’s true, we’ve bagged ’em. We’ve bagged ’em cos they deserved it:

  • Tuku Morgan: Greed. Megalomaniac. Power whore. Psychopathic liar. Wants to build prisons to make profits from incarcerated Maori.
  • Tuku’s brother: Sold drugs to kids. Told the judge that it was his dead wife’s fault. He landed in jail.
  • The full Te Arataura board: Tuku’s lackeys and minions. They have absolutely no regard for the people who put them there -the people of Tainui.
  • The CEO: Affectionately known as Parekawhia "Patsy" McLean. She is the tool from management helping Tuku and Te Arataura work AGAINST Te Kauhanganui. Her reputation is ruined because of it.
  • TGH: Suckers doing Tuku’s bidding. Want to place hundreds of millions of dollars of debt upon the people of Tainui in the middle of a DOUBLE DIP RECESSION.
  • Tuheitia: Greedy. Arrogant. Less than intelligent. Has the ‘entitlement disease’. Addicted to the gambling machines at the Hamilton Casino.

But let’s get one thing straight, we have nothing but respect for what the Kiingitanga stands for. It’s particular persons who use the Kiingitanga for their own selfish gains that we do not approve of.

Know that!



8 Comments (+add yours?)

    Aug 17, 2011 @ 07:04:00

    Everybody needs to vote them out.We the PEOPLE have the power, not THEM.I saw for my own eyes at the poukai they are “BLINGBLING,” Big FLASH cars DIAMOND and GOLD Jewellery,Walking amongst us like peasants. While we the PEOPLE, Kaumatua, Kuia, Auntys Uncles Nephews Neices ALL SUFFER.Something WRONG with that picture? HIS MOTHER NEVER DONE THAT!!!!!!!!!LIKE YOU SAID.”ITS NOT THE KINGITANGA LETTING US DOWN” ITS THE GREEDY! WICH IS VERY SAD.


  2. ezekiel
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 00:02:48

    @ Anonymous…..tuku is not here because he wants to help his people, he’s here because he wants to build his empire on the backs of his people, he tried to do it with winstone & got kicked out, tried to do it with Waipareira, got kicked out, tried to do it with Maori TV, got kicked out…there’s a familiar pattern here isn’t there. tukus so called ‘achievements’!!! were initiated and completed by OTHERS. He just has this nasty habit of taking credit for other peoples intellect, hard work and effort.. He does not have any business, financial or intellectual acumen, he is unable & unwilling to lead, mentor and develop others to reaching their full potential beacuse it conflicts with his controlling, power hungry, attention seeking, self-absorbing, megalomaniacal, sexist, traits….whose obsessed with other men’s wives (he prefers married women for some weird reason) and other people’s money. He is also a very good liar and manipulator who will stop at nothing nor let anyone get in the way of his personal empire building. Re. your other comments, as long as they continue to mis-use our raupatu money and mis-represent us to the motu, they will always receive mention not only on here but in every other forum. If they cant do the time, they shouldnt do the crime. We expect accountability and transparency in the use of our tax dollars AND our raupatu dollars.


  3. Ngati Haua Uri
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 12:50:38

    Aue, how can you talk respect to the kingitanga and diss the king like that? YOur shit must be clean. Even if he has a gambling problem who are you to judge. I absolutely do not know the king or Atawhai or have meet them, but I have respect of the kingtanga and the person upon the throne. He represents the desires of our Tupuna for Unity.


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Aug 29, 2011 @ 14:39:40

      When Te Atairangikaahu held her Kingitanga celebrations at Turangawaewae, untold busloads containing thousands of well wishers would show up at the Koroneihana. Fast-forward to today and you would be lucky to count a few hundred, maybe a thousand at most on the busiest day. The people just don’t think it’s worth making the trip anymore.


  4. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 13:39:58

    Ngati Haua Uri, the maori king is just a person like you and I. The king should not use ABUSE elders with foul language on the marae. Elders who have worked their ENTIRE LIVES to support the Kingitanga. The point we make when mentioning his gambling (and drinking) addiction is that the ordinary people pay for his, and his wife’s vices to the tune of $1.2 million dollars per year. Is that what a CHARITABLE TRUST is for? He may be a king but Tuheitia is NOT above criticism.


  5. Ezekiel
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 14:02:34

    Kingitanga is not under scrutiny. What is under scrutiny is the unscrupulous behaviour & actions of mere mortals hiding behind the mana of Kingitanga. As head of a 150 yr plus entity, there is an expectation of behaviour that befits an Ariki whose mana derives from his whakapapa & as bestowed by the people. If one is to lead his people into the next millineum, he needs to ensure he has the right people around him to assist with that process and who will not bring Kingitanga into disrepute and who are credible in all aspects of their lives, particularly if the people are expected to regard the king as tapu and as an ariki. To date, he has done very little of value that gives people confidence or to respect him as a ‘King’ There is every possibility that Kingitanga may not or cannot exist in its current form and may actually change to reflect the times and circumstances of the people charged as kaitiaki. Re. unity, he’s doing a fine job of creating dis-unity by not listening to the people.


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Aug 29, 2011 @ 16:26:09

      That’s for sure, there is a fundamental difference between ‘The king’ and ‘Te Kiingitanga’.


    • Rawiri
      Mar 11, 2013 @ 08:50:16

      The king never showed any interest at all when it came two the people and if he did it had to be a group that would support him or may i say he had paid them to. But enough is enough we need to vote him out before he takes full control of Te Kauhanganui otherwise he will stop the people from voting him out if he becomes head of Te kauhanganui, by demolishing the right to vote as he had always stated the time has come to change and that will be the very first thing he will change.


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