Morgan bites back!

As expected Tuku refuses to accept the decision of Te Kauhanganui.

Tuku would do well to step aside so that the tribe can get the mahi done.

Far too much time and money has already been wasted on Tuku and Te Arataura’s over-inflated egoes.

Tainui leaders renew sparring

Tribal infighting is again gripping Tainui with the chairwoman of the tribe’s parliament claiming the vote to disqualify Tukoroirangi Morgan would be upheld.

But Mr Morgan has hit back, disputing the claim and voicing his disappointment at a breakdown in communication with Te Kauhanganui chairwoman Tania Martin.

Mr Morgan, the chairman of Tainui’s executive committee, was the subject of an attempt to oust him from the tribal parliament, Te Kauhanganui, at a meeting earlier this month with 30 marae voting to disqualify him, 27 against and two choosing to abstain.

At the time of the meeting Mrs Martin decreed the vote had been passed but the result was less clear after it was revealed nine extra votes were invalid. The tribe’s rules state that an ordinary resolution must gain 50 per cent of the "total marae votes" before it could be passed.

Both Mr Morgan and Mrs Martin sought legal advice and it is looking likely the issue will end up in court.

In a statement issued yesterday Mrs Martin said more than 50 per cent of the parliament supported the resolution to disqualify Mr Morgan from Te Kauhanganui with 30 voting in favour.

"The decision to disqualify Mr Morgan is conclusive and it’s time to move on.

"The members are to be commended for their patience and fortitude. They have properly followed the process to disqualify and remove a member of Te Kauhanganui as set out in the 2009 Rules, and they did this in a manner intended to protect the integrity of Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui," Mrs Martin said.

However, Mr Morgan disputes the claims. "She has failed to muster the required level of support. She must accept that, or step down.

"Too much time is being wasted on personalities, rather than the mahi (work)."

Mr Morgan said he was disappointed Mrs Martin had not continued with the disputes resolution process.

"I believe the tribe had been making good progress on resolving this issue internally. There was a consensus emerging around the fact that a motion to disqualify had to be supported by 50 per cent of total marae votes."

He said Mrs Martin’s latest comments "spoke volumes" about her priorities. Further legal wrangles would be a waste of time.

"Her view is that a simple majority motion is enough to force the expulsion of a member of Te Kauhanganui. That is a very dangerous path."

– Waikato Times


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ezekiel
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 02:02:50

    Oh come on Tuku, do you really think we are that stupid, foolish and ignorant to believe your rants. How incredibly insightless of him to continue making such outrageous comments, the man is in denial big time, he’s beginning to sound like Gaddafi, Mubarak, & others who built their empires on the backs of their people, almost ruining everything their tupuna died for, believed in and sought to achieve.

    Why some people continue to prop Tuku up is beyond belief, maybe its because theyre afraid of losing their pot of gold & their false status (world famous in their heads only) It will be tragic (for them) but triumph (for those who have always sought fairness, accountability & transparency) when these posers are finally exposed & removed for their greed, hypocrisy, lies, and theft, notwithstanding their disregard and disrespect of the people of Tainui through their refusal to acknowledge and comply with the rules of our official tribal parliament, Te Kauhanganui. That day is here now, look around you Tuku (& supporters) the end is nigh, take a leaf out of history, learn from your mistakes and move on, we will no longer tolerate nor pander to your whims, excessive spending and blatant misrepresentation. You have embarrassed us enough…go away & dont come back till we tell you to.


  2. Ranginohoora Cedric Tunoho
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 14:46:10

    well Tuku it’s time for you to just move on and just acknowledge that enough is enough,you are a disgrace to our Tupuna and our waka Tainui,now be a good sport there fellow,pack you bags and get a move on,your flight is about to depart….
    shu shu shu kia tere e tama haere ki to wharepaku…..pooooooouuuuu


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