It looks like Phat Patience Te Ao has learned a few ‘tricks’ (lying through her teeth, we would call it) over the years while schmoozing with her boss Tuku Morgan.

In her letter, Phat Patience accuses Tania Martin of putting out "…mixed messages and the half truths". Oh please don’t bother, we’ve already catalogued all the lies and deceptions perpetrated by Te Arataura all year long!

Phatty asserts that she’s ready to put her credibility on the line…. pull the other one Phat Gurl, you ran out of credibility years ago!

And then Phat Patience has the gall to complain about litigation being costly and unnecessary!

Wtf? It’s Te Arataura who goes running off crying to the QC’s and the law firms everytime they want to scratch their nose! How much has Te Arataura spent on the QC’s and Chapmann Trip so far this year, is the bill more than a million bucks yet? Well we know for sure that its at least over five hundred thousand!

Remember when Te Arataura doctored the books to make it look like the review committee had spent up large on lawyers?

How much money was wasted on litigation when Te Arataura were instructed to pay Martin’s legal costs by Te Kauhanganui, and Te Arataura had to be dragged into court before they paid the bill.

Phat Patience and Te Arataura refused to follow the directives of the tribal parliament and that wasted over one hundred thousand dollars of tribal funds. That’s irresponsible.

Phatty goes on to say that "Two wrongs don’t make a right", as if she’s trying to excuse all the proven lies and sh!t put out by her friend Tuku Morgan!

Nowhere, nowhere does Phat Patience make any mention of the review of governance or the financial review that the legitimate representatives of the tribe, Te Kauhanganui, demanded take place last year.

Phat Patience and the crooked Te Arataura committee continue to ignore, stall, sifle, limit, and completely avoid the requested financial review because each one of those crooks are implicated. They truely dread the day when the books are finally opened.

Remember these crooks managed to lie and deceive their way to having two Te Kauhanganui meetings abandoned this year. That is unprecedented.

Patience Te Ao, you are just a Phat Phuck and a total waste of energy. Your bad deeds have been revealed to everyone. You won’t come out of this unscathed.

Teenaa koe Tania (Chair of Te Kauhanganui)

I respond to your email dated Sunday 4th September at 11.58am. I am personally very disappointed in your behaviour since the Te Kauhanganui meeting held 28 th August 2011. As Deputy Chair of Te Arataura, Executive of Te Kauhanganui I am advising you that I will be putting a firm position to Te Kauhanganui for consideration in regard to the next 6 months. I am disappointed with the mixed messages and the half truths that you are continuing to put out to our people, I am tired of the fighting and the obvious personal dislike you have for Tukoroirangi Morgan, so much so that it has consumed you. I am also saddened by the lack of leadership you are providing our people.

I am more than happy to put my credibility on the line Tania as I and many others in Te Kauhanganui have had enough. Marae have contacted me and are now very concerned about your behaviour and your assumption that you as the Chair of Te Kauhanganui have all rights and sole decision making over and above the people. By way of example you went to the media and announced that you had initiated the Disputes Resolution provided for in the rules against Te Arataura on a number of issues, we received that notification and I lodged a counter dispute because your notice avoided some of the key issues. It was at this point you were advised that I was appointed on behalf of Te Arataura to head these discussions with you along with Rukumoana as part of the disputes process.

In following the Disputes process, we could not agree to the 3 initial dates we provided to you for consideration (18th Aug, 25th Aug, 1 Sept,) bearing in mind that the dispute came out of the 6 Aug Te Kauhanganui meeting, however just the other day 2nd Sept, you agreed to meet with Ruku and I on the 16th Sept and now you are saying due to an email from Charles Joe 3 rd Sept (who will not be involved in the disputes meeting)you will not meet with us and you accuse Charles of being the reason all bets are off the table (in your words).

Your last two emails dated Sept 3rd at 7.37pm, titled "Proposed meeting between the Chair and Te Arataura" and 3rd Sept, at 8.15pm "Rejection of proposed meeting &Negation of Disputes Process pursuant to Rule 22" sent to Te Arataura Board members, are nothing short of erratic .The disputes procedures are there in the rules for the good of the people and yet you continually try to find reasons to avoid using them. It seems anyone with a different point of view to your own is not entitled to it. I am concerned that you appear to think you are the sole decision maker within Te Kauhanganui.

I AGREE the people had spoken in regard to the disqualification of Tukoroirangi Morgan and Te Arataura members (less KA Rep) on 6th Aug, and this is what transpired: Te Arataura members were reaffirmed, to remain as Te Arataura (more than 50% voted in support). Tukoroirangi Morgan was NOT as per the total Marae votes successfully removed as a member of Te Kauhanganui, that was your decision and ultimately sole discretion (as you alone were the only one who interpreted the rules to state Tuku was disqualified) not Te Kauhanganui. Prior to announcing the results you said "65 Marae present, 65 voting forms were handed out, 65 voting forms returned. You further announced to Te Kauhanganui on the 6 Aug that Tuku was disqualified and later said that the scrutineer circled motion carried. In fact the right threshold is based on 68 votes, but you are wrong however you look at it, and you should have the grace, in the interest of our people, to accept and admit that.

Your legal advisers Stace Hammond (whose bills we will pay and agree to pay – please do not continue to suggest that you do not have access to legal advice you have continually been allowed access to independent legal advice for the neutral exercise of your role) you must know that the advice they have provided you is not correct. Litigation is costly and unnecessary. It promotes further erosion of our tribal reputation, damages our commercial credibility and keeps the tribes affairs under the public spotlight. In the end only the lawyers win. It is unfortunate that this situation has led us to pay your law firm to try any argument possible to let you get your way. I believe part of your role as Te Kauhanganui Chair is to uphold the rules of Te Kauhanganui and Te Arataura is responsible to ensure proper process was applied and we intend to do so. Chapman Tripp has advised Te Arataura whether proper process was used in the case of 6th Aug: they are not there to represent Tukoroirangi Morgan nor has Te Arataura sought any advice on Tuku’s behalf.

Tania I am more than happy to debate these issues with you in front of Te Kauhanganui more than happy too, I also recall from the Te Kauhanganui meeting 28 August you were asked to keep our business out of the media: that has not happened either, in fact you put a media release out this weekend which Tuku responded too, with no authority other than your own desire to do so. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

There are two sides here, but only one tribe, and you must accept some responsibility for where the Tribe is at right now. I will ask you again for the sake of tribal stability let’s sort it out! The bickering, in house fighting, open media slander is creating nervousness among our creditors, investors and our PEOPLE.

Like I have said I plan to put a position to Te Kauhanganui for consideration in regard to how we will move the tribe forward for the next 6 months; I am prepared If I have to Tania, to physically go out and seek that support from the required Marae representatives to enable me to put a position to the house because I know from recent past Te Kauhanganui meetings, you will not allow it. I’m not interested in the tit for tat, he said she said bickering, or for a fourth meeting to complete the same Half Yearly agenda that was started 3 meetings ago, this in my view is a waste of time, money and energy (4 meetings to finish off 1 Te Kauhanganui agenda) is similar to the last 3 meetings of Te Kauhanganui which have failed to complete an agenda in 1 day.

I’m turning my energy into focussing on moving forward in the best interest of our people. I will work to ensure that they retain Tino Rangatiratanga of the Marae and business. I have said it before this is bigger than you, me, Tuku and Te Arataura, I intend to work towards restoring stability and confidence back to the people, provide credibility to our investors and creditors so that our people can look towards the new term that’s approaching us and be proud to be who they are.

This so called deadlock you refer to between Te Arataura and Te Kauhanganui does not exist, the deadlock in your previous emails is really between you and Te Arataura (in particular your personal squabbles with Tuku Morgan), that’s a sad position for anyone to be in.

Any further suggestion to disqualify members of Te Arataura and Tuku Morgan is no longer an option. The only option before us is to work together and get the business done between now and Feb 2012, that’s all that matters to me Tania, I encourage you to be of the same mind.

The questions I put to you are: 1) Are we big enough to do that? 2) Are we capable enough to do that? 3) Are we adult enough to do that? All I know is I, along with Te Arataura are prepared to do that, – are you?

Noho ora mai,

(Phat) Patience Te Ao


Cc: All members of Te Kauhanganui, All Board members of Te Arataura



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  1. whanau observer
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 02:19:34

    An Open Letter to Kiingi Tuheitia all members of Te Kauhanganui Incorp.
    Attention Chair of Te Kauhanganui Mrs Martin –
    From a concerned beneficiary – whanau observer.

    7th September 2011
    Dear Kiingi Tuheitia and Mrs. Tania Martin,
    I am very aware of the fact that Te Kauhanganui is in effect a hung Parliament. The purpose of preserving the interests of Waikato-Tainui beneficiaries is in dire straits as declared by sub-committee co-chair Mrs. Te Ao (refer letter to Te Kauhanganui chair Mrs Martin 5 Sept 2011) who has free access to all financial records. I believe Waikato-Tainui has a solid economic platform. We are well placed to deliver long term sustainable profits for the economic good of New Zealand. However, our current executive administration is a liability. Since December 2010, appointed mortgage finances have been usurped for purposes other than the agreed investment intent e.g.
    • Hora Hora $600,000
    • Mrs Martin legal costs
    • Te Arataura legal costs
    • Extra meetings @ $75,000 per meeting still counting
    • Unsolicited Trust Funds
    • Unverified executive expenses
    • Personal loans
    • legal advisement from three QCs regarding Mrs. Martins 2010 court case
    • The list continues…
    Annual Audited Financials are the backbone on which sound business decisions are made, this is a legal requirement (Corporations Act 1989). The executive administration has failed to deliver a copy of accounts to Waikato-Tainui beneficiaries this year. Sub-committee co chair, Mrs. Te Ao, Waikato-Tainui chief executive Ms Mclean and Te Arataura members have deliberately ignored their fiduciary responsibilities in this respect. Kiingi Tuheitia is the Head of Tainui waka – Mrs Martin is the head of Te Kauhanganui -they are the two people who have the ability to confront and solve the growing crisis unfolding before us irrespective of our own personal opinions.

    The dreams and aspirations of our Tupuna are on the verge of being extinguished a second time since receiving the original Raupatu Settlement. A current Te Kauhanganui member Mr Green is more than able to elucidate further, given it was on his watch when this occurred and is occurring again. We are heavily indebted to our creditors/financiers.

    Our asset base including the Te Whero Whero Title has been used as collateral, without sanction, through the actions of a few individuals. Investor confidence including my own as an affected beneficiary is low. Our businesses are at risk of being placed in Default/Receivership thereby losing everything including our flagship investments at the base. This will be a fire sale of disastrous proportions in this double dip economic down turn – a mortgagee sale of Tainui owned assets repeated. Other New Zealand examples include:
    • Caraf Farms
    • Aorangi Securities Ltd and Hubbards – Statutory Management vs. the Securities Commission SFO.
    • Planned past, current, and future State Asset Sales
    What are our Solutions?
    Here are my solutions. Waikato-Tainui undertakes a restructure, summarised below or have the examples above initiated for us by our creditors/financiers. The most logical conclusion:
    1. The head of Tainui waka and the head of Te Kauhanganui to cogently act and seek the voluntary resignations of all Te Arataura executive members, and the current CE.
    2. Appoint an interim board of seconded managers to resolve and restore business stability and beneficiary/investor confidence.
    3. Implement a comprehensive systems wide review audit.
    4. Initiate legal /employment/criminal/ proceedings where necessary.
    5. To be actioned and completed within the shortest timeframes possible.
    6. Te Kauhanganui members are to be instructed on how these challenges can be fronted and rectified.
    7. A dual public announcement to media forums of decisions made.
    We must avoid the impending disaster whanau…
    Nga mihi nui


  2. Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 06:36:35

    Whanau Observer, thanks for the great comments!


  3. Ezekiel
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 07:29:02

    @ Whanau Observer: Tau ke tona korero, engari, is this the most appropriate forum in which to direct your letter particularly as its addressed to Tuheitia & TKI chair. This is great what youve done here, but can I suggest you send it to the Editor of the Waikato Times, that way a formal response can be given, as well as the potential to capture even more tribal members attention. Im sure many tribal members would be happy to support this move (both financially & by way of endorsement) including myself. Waea mai ki ahau i roto i te rangatira o tenei pataka. Mauri Ora.


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