Ezekiel says:

Many thanks to Ezekiel for the following commentary,

Finally the review is underway yay, but wait a minute the auditors are having difficulty attaining certain peices of information i.e. overseas travel & non budgeted expenses, honorarium fees, purchasing processing, these of course are standard requirements of any business transacting entity, so why is Ms McLean having difficulty providing the info? Could it be that Tuku & co have instructed her to not comply, surely not, that would be unlawful, particularly of an organisation worth millions, unless of course you have something to hide. Hopefully, we the people will receive the long awaited financial report at Saturdays TKI meeting.

This Thursday, the Hamilton High Court will make clear any wrongful delusional thinking or confusion around the interpretation of the rules regarding Tukus disqualification as voted out by TKI members. Those of you who are concerned about this whole debacle should get along to the hearing and show your support for justice and accountability. Remember there is millions of $$$ at stake here, raupatu dollars claimed against YOUR LAND and if you want Tuku & co to continue speding up large YOUR RAUPATU money without any transparency or accountability vote him/them back in, if not, hold him/them to account.

As far as Im concerned they are a bunch of greedy, cowardly, callous despots who have continuously ignored the directions of TKI, the legal tribal parliament and have consistently placed themselves above any type of jurisdiction so as to prevent scrutiny of their spending and pilfering of your your/my money.

Their bullying, unjust and personal attacks on the chair of TKI is indicative of the fear they have in her ability to enact and apply the rules of the house and to empowering and educating TKI members in understanding those rules and applying them diligently and intelligently on behalf of their marae and subsequently the tribe of Waikato-Tainui. A new precedence has been set, no longer are dishonest, corrupt, disrespectful and greedy people welcome in the management of our resources and tribal funds, instead, we want people with integrity, honesty, sound business, governance and financial nous and more importantly able to show respect to the people they represent, is that too much to ask? or am I being delusional too.


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