September 22, high court Update:

Approximately two dozen supporters gathered at the high court in Hamilton to support the embattled chair of the Waikato-Tainui tribal parliament.

There were NO supporters present for the instigator, Tuku Morgan.

The only people who showed up for Tuku Morgan were his lawyers because he paid them to be there.

The scum from Chapmann Tripp were there. They are a weird bunch, you see, they are actively working to unseat the chair of Te Kauhanganui, Tania Martin, and then they expect to be paid by Te Kauhanganui. Do the Chapmann Tripp lawyers tell their wives that they go to Hamilton to try and destroy one single person? Do they have families of their own? What do they tell their children what daddy did at work today?

There were no Te Arataura monkeys in attendance. That’s just as well because each one of them would have charged the tribe $600 dollars to sit around the courtroom for a couple of hours.

The most gutless one of all, Tuku Morgan, did not have the guts to show up. He initiates these proceedings but won’t show his face. He acts like a big bully, but when it comes down to it he’s just a gutless coward.

There’s no doubt that Tuku is using the passing of Whatumoana Paki as a pretext for not showing up but in reality he’s just a coward who had no intention of being there.


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  1. Ezekiel
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 01:10:52

    The show went from the high court in Hamilton to the high court in Auckland. The current TKI Chair was the only person as mandated by TKI courageous enough to question the spending of TeA and to ask for a detailed financial report as of right because there was found to be irregularities in the financials Well, all hell broke loose didnt it (Nov 2010) and a can of rotten worms was well and truly opened and boy did it stink, and guess what, the stench had gotten all the way to the Beehive, now they want nothing to do with us.

    Previous chairs did not bother to question Te A’s spending as they were afraid, gutless & double dipping also, it astounds me that the theft/corruption was allowed to continue for so long. The people of Waikato-Tainui must fight this trail of greed, theft and corruption, it must stop, they must be stopped or your mokopunas future will be the same as yours…stuffed!!

    It is the most frightening thing to think that Tuku/ Te Arataura and the Kings office will continue to take millions out of our tribal funds for their personal use without any accountability, because lets be clear, thats what this has always been about. Even more frightening is that their cohorts/partners in crime i.e. Ruku, Patience, Maxine, the 2 idiot Roberts, Tom mix Moana, Patsy, Rahui, Koro, Kingi, Rangi & delala land & humpty dumpty Greg will do all they can protect them in that crime, after all they gain from it as well.

    Shame on those marae who continue to support the theft, corruption and greed of these imbeciles and who have personally benefitted from their scam without any conscience, while other Waikato-Tainui marae continue to struggle hosting Poukai, Tangi etc with their run-down makeshift facilities….. shame on you.

    Waikato-Tainui your future is in your hands, not Tukus, not Te Arataura, not the Kings office, your hands, fight for it.


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