Pathetic Patsy Mclean, CEO

Pathetic Parekawhia Mclean was quoted by the NZ herald as saying “I don’t intend to muck around with the organisation,”

But actions, however, count for far more than words.

Parekawhia Patsy Mclean is the one person responsible for making sure ALL the tribal accounts are made available for auditing by the financial review committee.

Is it true that Patsy Mclean hasn’t quite been upfront when making sure the accounts get audited properly? Or is she trying her darndest to try and make sure that millions of dollars remain unaccounted for and hidden away from the prying eyes of the auditors.

Is this how someone disguises massive spending done by the tribal executive committee?

Did Mrs Mclean get punished a few months back when she got caught cooking the books by trying to put the blame for Te Arataura legal spending by making it look like review committee caused the costs when they didn’t? Now thats a dirty trick and we’re glad she didn’t get away with it!

It’s been rumored that when Mclean was appointed as the CEO, the former public servant had no financial management knowledge, and she was severly lacking in a critical skil required by any CEO – she has no people skills. Staffers have confided to us that Mrs Mclean has a closed-door policy with a propensity for locking herself away in her office, resorting to using email as her main form of communication even though the people she’s contacting are in the office next door!

Now that is one weird CEO!

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  1. Ezekiel
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 03:52:42

    Pathetic Patsy is there because Tuku dishonestly put her there as a front to cover his crimes so that when he goes down she will too….stupid girl!! The rumours are true, her appointment was through the back door, she is a fake ceo with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever that aligns with such a position. (but then again, neither did Hemi Rau) as least theyre consistent. It is disgraceful that she has no qualms receiving megabucks from the tribal purse dishonestly, she is not ceo material, thats why she hides herself away in her office to avoid the responsibilities of a real ceo, and also to receive instructions from Tuku. What an embarassment to think we have a former office clerk as our ceo & a maniacal delusional despot as her puppeteer. What does that say about us, shame, shame, shame.


  2. Ngatai Huata
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 05:18:00

    Pfffffttttttttt! Erakas Blogs are full a Pirau! One Gear … One Modus operandi … One Mindset … Limited Vocabulary … Limited Brain power … Jez Ltd. For Years Waikato Tainui Maniapoto Peoples were Wahangu … Now Eraka role models Wahapooooh …. pirau spilling from her hands fingers pen mind heart soul, spirit, tinana – Not Surprised that Eraka has Warts and Growths. …EEwwwwwwww.


  3. Tai-Rau
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 07:33:14

    Ngatai Huata when those jerks go to jail use your limited vocabulary to defend them. That crook they call a king will share the same cell as tuku morgan and fat patience and that fat black ugly wife of the king will share a cell. With or without the chairman of te kauhanganui there will be no rest until they are behind bars. They wanna fight dirty they aint seen nothing yet.


  4. Tai-Rau
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 07:35:45

    Parekawhia mclean is headed for jail too. She is a crook and she will suffer with the rest of the crooks.


  5. Ezekiel
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 08:31:06

    Oh Ngatai, dont tell me youve been duped by Tuku as well? what is Tuku paying you for your unintelligent baseless opinion or maybe theyve promised you a role in their corrupt scheme. Unless you can back up your opinion with facts, I suggest you stay out of our business. From day one, all we have ever sought. was transparency and accountability, why do you have a problem with that?


  6. wally
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 12:53:28

    Parekawhia mclean is headed for jail too.


  7. wally
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 13:00:01

    Patsy Mc Lean who gives you the right on the majority of HIiona Marae beneficiaries to interfere and walk hand in hand with our trustees to remove Tania Martin, Ngaringi Katipa and Rod Whanga off Te Kauhanganui as our marae Representatives. You and our Trustees do not rule over the beneficiaries of Hiiona Marae. A requisition was given to them before the Special General Meeting finding our trustees incompetent on the 23rd November 2011 183 beneficiaries signed. This has not been ad herd too.Trustees neglected too follow up the order and continued with the SGM 27th November knowing damn well that our representatives were not aware of this meeting 20 beneficiaries called for this meeting to re elect New Representatives why because of incompetent “WOW” 200 beneficiaries nominated them in at the AGM 2011 I attended that meeting on the 27th November 2011 misrepresentation of our Te Kauhanganui Representative and their whanau I went to represent my whanau we are the biggest whanau on the beneficiary roll that represent Hiiona Marae. At that meeting only about 40 present that’s including tamariki.we had 4 present from my whanau I found out because a nephew said SGM what short notice. And at that meeting Trustees were suppose to get in touch with the other whanau where a procedure of Kotahitanga and finding a resolution too this conflict should have been done. This did not eventuate excuses were made and I at the time only heard our trustees story.. The trustees did not ad herd to our SGM calling them incompetent but jumped to the valid 15 signatories to remove our Te Kauhanganui Reps. Placard protesting against them how nasty, the verbal abuse of Frances Borrell on Tania who was not present at that meeting showed me how desperate and determine you are Parekawhia, Tom Roa and Te Arataura to remove our Representatives and to continuously drag Hiiona Marae through the mud. And Frances you will not be respected in the eyes of 80% beneficiaries of Hiiona Marae your slanderous email to Tania Martin posted on face book by our trustee who is support of our Representatives and your continuos outburst at the AGM, whanau only heard you and don’t even know you. We have placed another requisition down at the AGM to remove trustees as they still continue and are making overall decisions for our beneficiaries AGM is a place of resolution you trustees solely overuled the quorum of beneficiaries and denied all of us to have a say on the agenda with no compromise. calling the AGM same as Te Kauhanganui Meeting a conflict of interest…where you did not allow our legal Te Kauhanganui Representatives to be present and have a chance to defend themselves. And to continuously by pass beneficiaries of Hiiona Marae..instead of making a collective decision that would benefit Hiiona Marae..And lastly refusing to hand us 3 lots of minutes. AGM 2011, SGM 2011and AGM 2012…


  8. Matangi mareia
    Jul 01, 2012 @ 17:53:43

    Whatttttt ! Are u on about amateur academics

    Expose urselves put your names and contact

    Numbers to ur crap aww wat scard lol !!!!

    Load of crap dats wat u r ! No wonder ur

    All broke poor shame and scard – karma is

    Here mate its gona get uuuuuuuu !


  9. Concerned
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 10:02:04

    What about the fee increase announced last week for her position on Mighty River Power at $2400 per day and why is she not standing up against this?


  10. Smithy
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 13:52:55

    Iwi trustboards have no mana under the Treaty. Hapu do.
    There are a lot of kupapa in these iwi trust boards.


  11. wally
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 10:44:51

    Once again whanau we need you all at this hui in Huntly 10am in support of Hiiona Marae. To uphold the Mana of our Hiiona Marae we are in serious disrepute..and Te Arataura has used our Hiiona Marae to get what they want by removing our Te Kauhanganui Representatives..and to stomp on the Mana of Hiiona Marae. Ignoring the mandate placed down at the Te Kauhanganui meeting on the 26th May 2012 with over 100 beneficiaries of Hiiona marae, signatures. To leave our three Te Kauhanganui representatives alone…All panui you have received From Te Arataura have been sent all over the motu to people who do not whakapapa back to Hiiona Marae. Friends in Aussie have received it and don’t whakapapa back to Hiiona. So see you all there…In support of Tania Martin, Ngaringi Martin and Uncle Rod Whanga our honourable Kaumatua and our honourable kaumatua uncle Ed also our Kui aunty Rene Katipa who have been attending the meetings continuosly…


    • Ngawai Robinson
      Jul 07, 2012 @ 09:55:51

      Kia ora Wally; I endorse Hiiona’s Rights to actively defend the mana of Hiiona hapu; recognising that Te Arataura are in direct violation of Te Kauhanganui’s governance instructions to butt-out of Hiiona business. TKI acknowledged there
      was nothing wrong with Hiiona’s election process.

      Well done to Te Kauhanganui Inc you guys-gals rock 🙂

      In short, the hui at Waahi tomorrow is illegal and Te Arataua the sub-committee don’t have the authority to call this hui under Rule 5.3.

      Mr Roa and Ms Parekawhia Mclean are actively ignoring these facts in order to justify their current monopoly; they want to gauge support to discredit Te Kauhanganui Inc. Its your call to attend the hui; may I offer a word of caution – don’t get sucked into their plans!!!


  12. Fred. H
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 11:37:38

    Geez Wally, you sound desperate. All is not good in the hood of Hiiona Marae. It don’t make sense. How can Te Atataura remove your fella’s reps? Or is it that the reps don’t have the backing from the people that they thought they had? I think Wally you are trying to gloss over the obvious to try and win back support. the obvious is that you don’t disrespect the mana of the king/ kiingitanga and think there will be no accountability. will my friend, there is! Sadly, all the people of Hiiona marae are feeling it.


  13. Te Aurere Emery
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 06:09:22

    I love Erakas blog i cant believe I only just found this!!! I think it’s great that someone is willing to give us information about whats going on in Tainui!\


  14. Ruaputahanga
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 08:04:46

    !!Te Aratuara how dare you!! You did not have the decency to get up and apoligise to the beneficiaries of Hiiona Marae at your ‘disorganised hui” and Placed Hiiona Marae at the top of your Agenda. To take Hiiona Marae issues to another marae, Waahi Marae.. and sending all our issues to over 60,000 people on the Tainui Bene roll who don’t whakapapa back. Deliberately leaving out the CHENPALMERS report with that mail to confuse whanau and beneficiaries. Google had the other side of your story. Did you Te Arataura R.E.S.P.E.C.T our kaupapa and the kaupapa of Waahi Marae. !No!! It so hurtful and shameful hearing maraes at the meeting, saying don’t come here with your crap we don’t want it here. Thank you Kaumatua of Waahi Marae for taking it off the Agenda. Te Arataura your not there for the people, your there for power and you will get it no matter how you get it. And you did not take into consideration how we would feel. We the beneficiaries came in force to stop you discussing our issues on Waahi Marae we were the majority in that room we came to protect the mana of our tupuna. wey did not support your agenda, we came to protect the mana of our tupuna.
    So keep the hell out of our business you will never get support from other maraes if you continue meddling in their affairs..


  15. Wally
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 08:28:00

    !!Te Aratuara how dare you!! You did not have the decency to get up and apoligise to the beneficiaries of Hiiona Marae at your ‘disorganised hui” and Placed Hiiona Marae at the top of your Agenda. To take Hiiona Marae issues to another marae, Waahi Marae.. and sending all our issues to over 60,000 people on the Tainui Bene roll who don’t whakapapa back. Deliberately leaving out the CHENPALMERS report with that mail to confuse whanau and beneficiaries. Google had the other side of your story. Did you Te Arataura R.E.S.P.E.C.T our kaupapa and the kaupapa of Waahi Marae. !No!! It so hurtful and shameful hearing maraes at the meeting, saying don’t come here with your crap we don’t want it here. Thank you Kaumatua of Waahi Marae for taking it off the Agenda. Te Arataura your not there for the people, your there for power and you will get it no matter how you get it. And you did not take into consideration how we would feel. We the beneficiaries came in force to stop you discussing our issues on Waahi Marae we were the majority in that room we came to protect the mana of our tupuna. wey did not support your agenda, we came to protect the mana of our tupuna.
    So keep the hell out of our business you will never get support from other maraes if you continue meddling in their affairs..


    • Ngawai Robinson
      Jul 12, 2012 @ 04:26:53

      There are many whanau in Waikato Tainui today bursting with pride to see Waahi Pa make a stand to protect their Mana and also to actively support and voice their concerns at the mistreatment of other Raupatu Marae i.e. Hiiona Marae – it’s this invisible thread that binds the spirit of our people together. I’m very happy that our
      tikanga hasn’t been discarded despite everything that’s happened to us lately.

      Matua Tom Roa… the captain is always the last person to leave the waka – not the first one. Shit happens when Maori corporate elitism leave behind the ways of the tribal village in their quest for MORE of everything!

      I think it’s time to fix these issues, Matua Tom please lead Te Arataura to apologise to our people beginning with Te Kauhanganui Inc – ‘kia tau te rangimarie’ – let there be peace’.

      Allow tikanga to head core TKI business decisions – never forget there is still a major role and place for our villages in the evolution of Tainui business practice: it’s called PARTNERSHIP, PARTICIPATION and PROTECTION.


  16. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 04:36:24

    Tainui tikanga in practice is about the prosperity of the village at all levels of achievement. It’s about collective restoration; collective sustainability; collective improvement; and collective evolution.

    On the ground though it hasn’t worked the preoccupation with corporate aspirations led to the people at the flax-roots level getting hung out to dry. The TGH annual dividend should be invested wisely to propel us out of the bad end of the economic poverty trap – but that’s not happening.

    On the ground you can’t miss the reality between whanau struggling in pockets of extreme poverty with unemployed Tainui rangatahi; long term able-bodied unemployed; low education levels; lack of resources/support; and pockets of inter-generational deprivation.

    Contrast with Tainui whanau propelled forward on the tribes’ wealth to the detriment of our tribal collective.

    Te Kauhanganui members and business leaders must put the well-being of all our people at the front of the queue; and stand up for our people. Our representatives have to make greater investments to turn around the [dysfunctional] business models responsible for our disputes. What needs to change is Tainui’s current business [formula].

    Enshrining the principles of partnership; participation and protection driven by our tikanga within the corporate framework is a win/win model for everyone.

    I’m willing to roll up my sleeves to do something about it. Once [decisions] are agreed and written into constitutional practice I think it can make a huge difference moving forward. By the way Matua Tom Roa I’m expecting good things from you at the next TKI hui – be who you’ve always been and maintain our tikanga.


  17. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 07:05:18

    Big ups’ to Chris Webster over at: WaikatoPolitX.Com she provided some clarity to TKIs priority list.

    TGH’s major credit lines are due for full clearance (debt repayment) within the next couple of years. Ideally the best way for us to move forward is to get everyone on the same page first.

    We’re 2 years away from re-negotiations… I think it’s time for some open; honest; and transparent conversations. The greatest investment we can make in the lead up to signing business documents is to work together to create a shared future of optimism. Our greatest investment is to have a series of conversations between ourselves, to consolidate our hope for a future we can all agree on.

    Our tribal village has always operated on the principles of kotahitanga to have the freedom to think our way; to vote our way; to test our partnerships; in light of contemporary business needs and situations; to valuing our culture and traditions; as another business bottom line.


    We need “new lenses” a different way of thinking through which we can see our world. The following is my starting point for conversations.

    Systems Thinking / Keeping it whole
    Understanding how the whole world is an interconnected, interactive system, rather than simple isolated parts.

    Recognising the value of all major worldviews in TKI Society/TGH. – And learning how to work together.

    Multiple “Bottom Lines”
    Valuing more than money; e.g. social; environmental; cultural and economic well- being.

    Dialogue / Deliberation
    Holding conversations that will lead to a greater understanding of “other “points of view.


  18. Ngawai Robinson
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 12:44:00

    I want to name a few of my hero’s – Te Arikinui Te Ata; Te Puea Herangi; Martin Luther King; Mira Sz¨cszy; Albert Schweitzer; Albert Einstein and Prof James Richie were modern day thinkers who acted to transform the communities in which they lived not just because of their social justice agenda in their respective
    communities and globally, but for the power of their spirituality, core ideas, ethics, and values associated with leadership. Their leadership and coupled with the influence from my own parents and whanau continue to inspire me today.

    In contrast, I read the flow of information offered by the Kings article Wow – what an honest self –appraisal: Kings speech in Te Hookioi v. [41] 2012. Is the King trying desperately to keep everything as it is even though we know the future may be better with some changes!

    We look at the same history the king is talking about in the article…. We see the same patterns repeated over and over again and yet we keep doing things the same old way?

    We need to start using our knowledge of history by thinking way outside the current western square and colonial system the king is currently leaning on if we’re going to advance at all. The current PPP sales- pitch the Crown is using isn’t going down well well across our communities because there are a number of flaws in the details.

    The King has made the suggestion to the tribal village that we should re-affirm tribal our alliance in front of the chiefs of the Motu; will this arrangement lead us to a better place or not?

    I note – there was no mention made by the King regarding a repeat of our constitutional crisis version 2. In my view leaders are expected to reflect these matters in the way they think, plan and how they implement decisions. So maybe that korero will be left till after the Coronation –but that’s a big maybe.

    Looks like the TKI village vs management are heading off to court…Again in 2012.
    The more we incorporate our whanau well-being into the well-being of our tribal villages the better off we’ll be.


  19. undercover brother
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 15:00:48

    Your marae trustees disqualified the old Hiiona Marae reps, not Te Arataura. Te Arataura must accept the decision of Hiiona marae trustees, not some self appointed reps that say they represent the whole marae yet do not. If the old reps ( Tanya, Donna and co) were elected legally, then they would not have had to worry about whether they had a right to be there. Your marae was sent away to sort it out and the outcome was the ratification of the new Hiiona marae reps. Te Arataura had to accept the outcome. Those are the facts, bfore you deny them or listen to heresay, speak to your marae trustees, demand the documentation, check its authenticity, then come back and confirm your position.


  20. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 17:08:44

    10 years in review TGH Report – A Tainui shareholder perspective!
    I read with interest the 2012 TGH report for the first time yesterday the narratives from the retiring directors Mr Koro Wetere and Mr John Spencer struck an accord
    with me as they reflected on the Deed Settlement 10 years on. From the turbulent watershed business dealings they inherited to the current stocktake of business partnerships forged since then. Their influence and ground breaking work laid a platform upon which TGH was able to succeed in the business world.

    These two directors were practising solid Treaty partnerships to transform our communities into a better place well done you guys have my sincerest gratitude for all your years of hard graft so we can prosper. I think someone made a bad business call we’re losing two great practitioners who’ve shown how a Treaty partnership can work to advance Waikato Tainui in the world we live in.

    Another instance of good partnerships is reflected by Len Brown. He was given a super city with little avenue for providing mana whenua representation. He had the foresight to open up council seats. Len Brown was actively pursuing a Treaty partnership with mana whenua but he was opposed by the colonial model of dictatorship.

    What is shameful is that the people mentioned here were then hung out to dry. The colonial model can be characterised by secret manoeuvres backroom deals; personal gain; or employing bully tactics to erode whanau and hapu rights by denigrating their rangatiratanga.

    In my view, our corporate elites use these constructs to suppress the sovereign rights of hapu and whanau. This has brought division within the kingiitanga and Maoridom as a whole. We are no longer the symbol of united partnerships; the house our tupuna describes in his whakatauki is crumbling around us because our tikanga walks in the shadows.

    “Maaku anoo e hanga tooku nei whare, I shall fashion my own house
    ko ngaa poupou oo roto he maahoe, he patatee, the posts shall be of maahoe, patatee
    Ko te taahuhu he hiinau, the ridgepole of hiinau
    Me whakatupu ki te hua o te rengarenga, the inhabitants shall be raised on rengarenga
    Me whakapakari ki te hua o te kawariki, and nurtured on kawariki” na Kiingi Taawhiao

    A sea-change is required the colonial model of dictatorship has to be removed. We can refashion our house and forge stronger partnerships as demonstrated by Mr Koro Wetere and Mr John Spencer. The founding signposts of maahoe and patatee shall embed Tainui tikanga; the hiinau ridgepole of new partnerships will set the groundwork for the next kawariki generation to nurture so we can evolve further…


  21. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 12:45:09


    We should all be concerned about the financial instability of our business; Tainui Group Holdings when two key poupou the mahoe and the patatee of Taawhiao’s financial whare are removed; Mr Koro Wetere and Mr John Spencer must be reinstated.

    TKI members were voted onto Te Arataura by our parliament this year because of their verbal commitment to uphold the mana of Te Kauhanganui, and improve our financial platform on the ground. Instead, the colonial model of lies and more lies continues to strangle the aspirations of Waikato Tainui.

    For example; a TKI officer was left speechless by the approach of her marae chair and committee at a recent meeting, they fired her without recourse and [in breach of the Incorp Societies Act 1908]. Fortunately the kaumatua representative insisted that due process be followed.

    What happened with Hiiona and Waahi is now happening to all of our hapu at the marae level. Hiiona and Waahi stood together to uphold our mana and tikanga. Piritata Kirkwood one of our kaumatua exposed those dark antics – and made a stand to support the TKI officer [well done Piritata].

    An open mind is required in order to prune the deadwood so we can see the start of the new spring growth. The advancement of Waikato Tainui is dependent upon courageous people making a united stand on issues of importance.

    Chris Webster at [WaikatoPolitX.Com] and Karla Akuhata [by Microwave.Com] are 2 of many fantails who’ve highlighted pertinent issues confronting Tainui. They’re shining lights helping us initiate the new spring growth in the Waikato.

    The Parent body and guarantor of all our Trusts; this year drafted a significant number of policy changes. These draft recommendations; can be strengthened by including the whanau, and hapu in a consultative process to ensure we’re all on the same page.


  22. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 08:32:16

    Kotahitanga relationships…

    There comes a time in our lives where we all make hard choices based upon what we need to do rather than what we want to do!

    Mr Wetere and Mr Spencer are to key people who did just that regarding our financial situation. These guys looked at the state of our accounts and did what needed to be done in the cold light of day. The sales of some of our assets were required back in the day to show the business/Banking world we’ll do what’s needed to hold onto our remaining assets.

    As a result Mr Wetere and Mr Spencer built a reputation for success; all Raupatu marae were paid an annual dividend for the last 9 years.

    In the kings 6 years as leader, its’ been a complete shambles both financially and socially? Why – simply because people in power thought it was their own reputation that got us on track in the financial world of business; they gave no credit to our former directors. These same people dropped the idea of being socially responsible for the collective village in favour of individualism.

    They fought our 2 directors; they then fired our 2 directors and brought in Sir Henry van der Heyden who happens to be untested in the way we like to do things.

    Today all of Waikato Tainui have a choice to make – do we want to endure more of the same old story or do we make a change for the better?


  23. Ngawai Robinson
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 05:37:58

    Systems thinking – the movers and shakers…

    I’m sure everyone’s aware by now that TKI our parent body are disciplining our children the TAA sub- committee via court action and decisions at the end of the month [Hamilton High Court Minute Judge Gilbert J 2012) in contempt. Ideally I wouldn’t provide this advice without sending an invoice to TKI. However; since I’m aware there may only be $6 million in TGH’s accounts currently – payment isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

    It’s far more likely that Ruakura residents who’re up in arms over the inland Hub project will get paid before any Raupatu marae receives another dividend [Waikato Times 18/08/2012].

    Unless of course the new financial wizards Sir Henry van der Heyden [NZ Herald 2/04/2012] and Joanna Perry specialist advisers to the TGH board can both walk on water like Mr Wetere and Mr Spencer could:-)

    Anyway here’s my koha – in preparation for the complete dismissal of TAA committee and the CEO of WRLT, I strongly encourage TKI officers to plan a way forward and make an approach to seek specialist advisement from Mr Wetere and Mr Spencer, on how to create a seamless transition moving forward.


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