The Absurdity Continues…

It appears that the comedians have been at it again!

Is it true that Te Kauhanganui Marae are deemed to have voted on resolutions even if they are not present at Te Kauhanganui meetings?

If this is true then resolutions could be constructed and with this farcity in mind and therefore voting can be manipulated.

So Marae have voted if they aren’t present at the meeting?

What about Marae who haven’t yet elected their representatives for the tribal parliament, are their “phantom” votes counted too?

What a joke. It makes us look stupider and stupider.

Change the rules and get rid of those “ghost” votes.

Change the rules to ensure that abstentions and sabotaged votes don’t count. Let the voices of those Marae who cast valid votes be heard.


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  1. Ezekiel
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 02:34:05

    Justice Keane has done us a favour by ensuring that the same farcical and compromised rules applies to TeA also, meaning that ALL resolutions put forward by them is subject to the same process, it also means that the resolutions to have TeA members disqualified and removed can be reactivated, bet they didnt see that coming. Is it true that the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants are keen to investigate Mrs Moana of Tom mix fame, now why would that be I wonder, perhaps KPMG found some irregularities in her number crunching skills or lack of.

    We must never forget that Its about accountability and transparency and to stop the corruption and theft at all costs.


  2. A te wa
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 13:08:21

    All we have to do is word motions negatively and we don’t need 50%

    eg I move that Tuku stays on the Kauhanganui

    Now he gotta get 50% to stay

    I know it’s ridiculous but the whole thing is a farce anyway


  3. whanau observer
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 06:55:13

    Yesterday the sun set on an old era. Today as the new day dawns it brings with it the Winds of Change. The winds are blowing over the people of Waikato-Tainui. Our elections are nearly upon us again. It’s time for Te Arataura its chair – the entire corporate committee and the amoral CEO to resign gracefully now or fall on your swords publically. Let me explain why this will occur? I’ve stated previously that the aforementioned collective are a legal liability. By ignoring your fiduciary responsibilities you have breached your legal boundaries.
    Today my message in simple and blunt you have all failed in your obligations to act responsibly as the corporate governance to oversee our Incorporated Society strategies and operational plans. Sometimes referred to as a system of processes by which a company is directed and controlled in order to protect the shareholders/beneficiary interests.
    The Supreme Court Decision in Chirnside v Fay [2007] 1 NZLR 433 is a stark reminder of the legal obligations of Directors and Board members registered under the Corporations Act 1993 to ensure Te Kauhanganui is properly informed in order to monitor the performance of the Society (Incorporated Societies Act 1908) and its compliance with relevant legislations.
    Te Arataura has further responsibilities imposed on it to ensure that systems are established and maintained for information to flow to Te Kauhanganui the governance body. Directors will be personally liable if the company fails to meet its statutory requirements in addition to, Directors minimum standards e.g. Directors’ policies and protocols.
    Let me re-state again the importance of fiduciary obligations – in the Privy Council, Lord Wiberforce in New Zealand Netherlands Society Oranje v Kuys [1973] 2 NZLR 163.
    I’m just getting started…


  4. whanau observer
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 09:28:12

    We have an approximate timeframe of 3 weeks before heading off to our polling Marae to scrutinise potential contender nominees as Marae/Te Kauhanganui representatives. A collective show of ignorance and unprofessionalism on the part of our senior administrative staff is clearly evident.

    The voting package has breaches of legislation in the instructions.

    Marae Committees are legally bound to act in the best interest of all duly registered beneficiaries. Breaches of legislation by Te Arataura/Marae Committees:

    1. Human Rights Act 1993

    It is a Breach of the Human Rights Act to discriminate against any duly registered beneficiary who chooses to stand as a Marae representative because of the exclusive criteria imposed by Te Arataura/ Marae Committees. Sixty eight ( 68) Marae are about to enter into a discriminating practice. Are our Marae fully aware of the legal ramifications and consequences?

    Breaches of legislation by Te Arataura:
    1. Incorporated Societies Act 1908… for non deliver of annual financial accounts
    2. Corporations Act 1993… for non deliver of strategic plans and operation annuals
    3. Human Rights Act 1993????


  5. tribalgossTribalgoss
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 02:45:35

    kia ora whanau observer –

    great post – good info

    but it is the companies act 1993 – there is no corporations act 1993 –

    kokiri tiro whakapae
    human rights commission –
    lodge a confidential complaint – on line – t – 0800 496 877.
    there is also FAQ answers column –
    private and free of charge – paid for by your taxes.


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