Tainui’s Shame: Hiding Away from Reality

The Te Arataura committee continues to scatter at the mere mention of any type of Financial Accountability.

Nearly a year ago a simple question was put to tuku Morgan and Te Arataura which was: “What have you done with our money?”

Ever since that day Tuku and his band of Te Arataura crooks have taken the most extraordinary steps to avoid the questions from the tribal parliament and they have seemingly buried their heads in the sand every time the issue comes up.

So many people from within the tribe are asking these things:

  • “Where are the annual reports?”
  • “Where are the budgets?”
  • “Where are the accounts?”
  • “Why have you overspent what doesn’t belong to you?”

We found out in February that Te Arataura had mismanaged and blown it’s allocated budget for the year, in February!

We’ve been screaming incompetence ever since while watching Morgan and Te Arataura lie and deceive from one blunder to the next, and from one disaster to another.

We have been calling out for Transparency and Accountability all year long. And it’s obvious that certain individuals have been doing all they can to avoid those principles.

We’ll say again that if you follow the money trail it will lead you straight to the criminals, isn’t that so?


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  1. Ezekiel
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 00:43:31

    I am encouraged by the fact that more & more of our tribal members are becoming aware of just how serious and unjust the situation is around tuku & co’s reluctance to be accountable and transparent and their efforts at huge costs in preventing the release of the financial reports for the past 3 yrs to the members. Our tribal elections next month will ensure they never get to rip us off again. Kia kaha Waikato-Tainui, make sure to vote them out and replace them with HONEST, unselfish, hardworking, intelligent people, not afraid to represent their marae with integrity & respect and not afraid to challenge the chauvinistic conceited boys club mentality tuku has tried to introduce back into the tribe. Kia kaha tatou.


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