More hypocrisy from Te Arataura

Today we have learned that the chairperson of Te Kauhanganui has in fact received funding from the tribe to pursue some avenue of legal representation, as ‘Phat’ Patience Te Ao pointed out in a recent letter:

“Your legal advisers Stace Hammond (whose bills we will pay and agree to pay – please do not continue to suggest that you do not have access to legal advice you have continually been allowed access to independent legal advice for the neutral exercise of your role)” said Phat Patience.

Heh, the belittling ‘neutral role’ remark has duly been noted. We have often criticized Te Arataura as the holder of the tribal purse strings for their ability to recklessly spend vast amounts at the Chapmann Trip law firm, with the total spend for this year alone approaching a cool $1,000,000.

Remember that the Te Arataura committee hijacked two Te Kauhanganui meetings ($75,000 plus legal costs EACH!) and refused to follow directives laid down by Te Kauhanganui, which in turn led to skyrocketing legal costs!

So how much of the budget do you suppose the chair of Te Kauhanganui was allocated to fight a legal battle on behalf of the entire tribal parliament? She got a budget of $15,000. Thats right, a paltry fifteen grand. Miniscule amounts while Te Arataura continue to write out blank checks for themselves.

The hypocrisy continues as the criminals continue to stack the deck against the tribal parliament, Te Kauhanganui!


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