Tainui Scandal in Plain Sight

The scandal at Tainui continues and the nefarious practices of Te Arataura remains in plain sight for all to see.

You see, the main reason that they are stalling the publication of the financial and annual reports is because as soon as those figures are released it all hits the fan. It’s obvious that they are doing all that they can to prevent the figures from being released in case their chances of reelection to the executive are harmed.

This is why Tuku Morgan wants the half-yearly meeting to remain unfinished. Scum. One of the main requirements for the half-yearly meeting is the release of financial documents to the shareholders, Te Kauhanganui.

Yet even more disrespect shown by Te Arataura towards Te Kauhanganui.

Tuku Morgan and the Te Arataura committee wants the reports to remain buried, and they want YOU to vote them back in for another three years.



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  1. whanau observer
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 04:20:50

    I’ve decided to release this information as my alternative/ an individuals alternative to costly court action. Should anyone else decide to follow this example go right ahead.

    RT Hon John Key
    Prime Minister of New Zealand
    Parliament Buildings

    Name: add your name etc

    Date –

    Dear Prime Minister Key,

    I’m writing in the hope of gaining your support Prime Minister. This matter is of great concern. I am a beneficiary of the Waikato-Tainui Raupatu Settlement process. Te Kauhanganui is our Incorporated Society with some 57 thousand registered members. Te Kauhanganui is the governing body. The society is managed by Te Arataura the executive board who are both directors and members of the society.


    I am formally asking for a review of our Companies/ related Entities because a clear separation has occurred whereby the executive board is no longer listening to the governing body for the reason that:

    (A) It appears Trusts or nominee companies are being used to channel investor-beneficiary monies to a central hub, the company is Ururangi ltd.
    (B) Finances are channeled to Ururangi ltd via Te Arataura the executive.
    (C) Ururangi ltd is in effect operating as a finance company/bank using funds from investors and on-lending those funds to borrowers and other commercial interests.
    (D) Many of the loans are not adequately documented by way of loan contracts or loan agreements.


    The information to peruse has been cataloged in detail on the following websites; please be aware as one navigates the sites the colorful use of language.

    1. Erakas Blog
    2. Tribal Goss

    Waikato-Tainui beneficiaries have called for a comprehensive review and audit of all financial records however; this has not been forthcoming. Annual audited accounts have also been withheld.

    Prime Minister, I am asking you to exercise your discretion to help ensure we have a future!

    With all best wishes – Ngaa mihinui,

    Name: add your name etc
    Waikato-Tainui beneficiary

    Cc: Hon Chris Finlayson

    A visual illustration of the manner in which beneficiary money and investor funds appear to be used:

    the model/illustration I used didn’t transfer to this site, but I hope you get the picture from the letter itself.

    Whanau, I encourage you – lets use our voice and letter writing skills to ensure Waikato Tainui have a future.


    • Takutai
      Oct 19, 2011 @ 08:29:04

      what a fake where is my message eraka it is more valid then this that is still up


    • Takutai
      Oct 19, 2011 @ 08:35:41

      Courts are costing, people of Tainui can do this you guys just have to get off the computer sometimes and get out to the one s who have no accssess to the webb the courts cost and can dragg on forever costing Tainui Benerficiaries hundred of thousands if not millions of dollars to have the courts initiate that Tainui resolve there own issues as it has be stated on many occasion.


  2. Takutai
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 09:27:37

    Why waste your time writing to the P.M it is better if you contact or notify other beneficiaries of Tainui of this auditing matter, you might get some kind of resolution. It is Government legislation which enables us to operate as a Incorporated trust that focus more on “FINANCIAL” growth and development rather than economic and social progress i.e employment and social issues. The distribution of funds from there asset-investments, provide a reasonable recipient base (i.e marae, education,sports, cultural grants and scholarships.
    This provides a gate way to those who tend to over indulge in extra financial expenses that are often unrecorded.thy are like the finance companies that pulled a blind eye over investors global wide The P.M of 1995 (raupatu settlement) pulled the biggest and we are still blind (research the “waikato coal corp case” and the Settlement act)..


    • whanau observer
      Oct 22, 2011 @ 14:09:40

      Kia ora Takutai, good to hear from you. You raise a number of issues however I will speak to the following.

      • A number of people struggle to come to grips with the pros and cons of settling our account with the Crown – however it’s done…what do you want to do in light of what we’re faced with today?

      • I have studied and am familiar with the legal cases you mentioned – what is the question you wish to propose?

      • I’m going to guess that you are up to play on the lack of transparency and financial accountability led by Mr Morgan and Te Arataura. As a result – you disagree with my action seeking an alternative avenue to High Court action –why not promote your option as a way forward?

      In this way our collective responses will ensure we the beneficiaries/shareholders of Waikato-Tainui can have a future we can all live with…


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