Te Papaorotu’s very own Nek Minnit Moment!

The folks out at the Te Papaorotu marae appear to have been suckered into Tuku Morgans web of deceit and lies by putting forward the following resolution:

“Te Papa o Rotu Marae move that Tania Martin be disqualified from membership of this House for bringing Te Kauhanganui into disrepute. Okaarea Marae seconds the motion.”

Those simpletons on the Te PapaoRotu committee allege that Tania Martin has done the following bad things:

  • Tania Martin has caused disrepute!
  • They say that Tania Martin sent in an unknown mysterious scrutineer who commited fraud by altering a voting sheet!
  • Accusations that Tania Martin has divided Te Kauhanganui!
  • That Tania Martin has lost the confidence of the majority of Te Kauhanganui!
  • Tania Martin is confrontational and biased!
  • The tribe should be thankful that Te Papa o Rotu Marae has uncovered the fact that evil plotter Tania Martin is set on destroying Tuku Morgan, the Waikato tribe, Tainui Group Holdings, Te Kauhanganui AND the Kingitanga!
  • Tania Martin’s unrelenting attacks on Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura!
  • It’s Tania Martin’s fault that there have been too many meetings this year!

Oh puhleeze! Why are Te Papa o Rotu allowing themselves to be used like
this? Its painfully obvious that these are allegations that come directly from Tuku Morgans own catalog of lies, and edited and approved by the Chapmann Tripp law firm -wasting even more money on legal bills!

Te Papa o Rotu Marae, used and abused! What a total shame and embarrassment!


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  1. TeWhakaara Manawaroa TeWao
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 12:16:04

    wot the hells going on whanau,(Te Papaorotu) backing that crock Tuku


    • nini
      Mar 13, 2012 @ 13:06:25



      • Tewhakaara
        Mar 15, 2012 @ 15:47:26

        Every time icome its 4 aholiday ,will love 2 come home an have a say but it cost money 2 come home

  2. Klem
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 17:14:52




      Oct 26, 2011 @ 19:27:59

      kiaora cuz. Hey, i wish to call a wananga for the Ngati Wairere rangatahi and show them some of the waahi tapu in Kirikiriroa like the site of Kirikiriroa Pa, Te Rapa and other places that are important to our hapu and our traditional histories. We have a carved Pou to go up on an old urupa site but will let the whanau know soon and where.


  3. whanau observer
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 06:30:12

    There are whanau at Te Papa o Rotu Marae who strongly advocate tino rangatiratanga – the right to shape and choose their destiny, irrespective of the opinions of the wider whanau. This fundamental principle is the basis on which our tikanga is built.

    The ongoing practice of regular litigation by Te Kauhanganui members is unacceptable…because we as whanau are able to resolve these matters at the Marae level given the opportunity! In my opinion our representatives have an obligation to seek our instruction and guidance when the following formula isn’t met.

    Voting by Marae / Te Kauhanganui / Te Arataura committes should be set at a robust level of 75% percent or more on all issues without exception:

    • This can be achieved when all members REMAIN AT THE TABLE however long it takes until the threshold is met
    • All litigation WITHOUT EXCEPTION must be sanctioned at the Marae level through the process of an extra-ordinary general meeting
    • The quorum thresholds will require a review/adjustment in light of the above formula
    • Candidates for our Marae committee’s – must meet the same criteria formula set out for Te Kauhanganui candidates
    • Workshops must be created to upskill our Marae /Te Kauhanganui /Te Arataura representatives
    • These workshops should cover Marae/ Te Kauhanganui /Te Arataura house rules and protocols
    • All elected members to Marae /Te Kauhanganui /Te Arataura committees must complete an induction course prior to commencing their official duties irrespective of previous experience


  4. Piki Haere
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 07:42:33

    those are great suggestions in regard to te kauhanganui. i hope you put your name forward for the next term. I would tautoko all but 6 of those 7 ideas. I would leave Marae committees to the Marae. ka pai, good to see some constructive suggestions on this site.


  5. Piki Haere
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 07:44:07

    opps i meant tautoko all but 1 of the ideas. aroha mai


    • whanau observer
      Oct 29, 2011 @ 03:54:03

      Tena koe Piki Haere, thank you for your feedback. I included our Marae because I believe we need a full systems wide review. There are committee members at Marae level making decisions which are flawed then expecting their representatives to advocate bad choices at the executive level. When we can all learn together to develop the most robust decisions as a whanau we will improve at all levels…this cost effective benefit will advance the across the board functions of our iwi – ultimately. In my opinion… no member of Te Kauhanganui should be removed by Te Kauhanganui members without the sanction of their Marae – this
      responsibility (tino rangatiratanga -right of judgment) belongs to the people who voted the member onto Te Kauhanganui. In saying this – Te Kauhanganui retains the right to discipline our representatives when they step out of order. In other words none of us have the freedom to step outside of legislation (Acts of Law) or Tikanga (Articles II and III Treaty of Waitangi) we are all governed by it. We’ll need workshops to teach us/help us to apply all the foundation principles and legislative responsibilities correctly for the betterment of our iwi.


  6. unhappy Tainui beneficiary
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 15:21:16

    All thing things that they have accused Tania of, can be applied to Tuku and his croanies three times over. Te Arataura’s behaviour is nothing short of disgusting and dam right deceitful, Come on people! Wake up. Tuku is a snake and the sooner the people wake up to his %$#^%$% the better


    • whanau observer
      Oct 29, 2011 @ 06:09:21

      Kia ora Unhappy Beneficiary, I tautoko everyones whakaaro. Regarding the chairs role the position I advocate is a systems wide responsibility/consistency/transparency approach at all levels, principles I believe we all agree with. We have 68 Marae who need to be the drivers that sanction the decisions/actions of the chair/committees – Marae / Te Kauhanganui / Te Arataura at the end of the day.

      The 75% threshold in my view reflects a robust level of engagement, transparency, and accountability. For this reason it is vital that our representatives return to their Marae for guidance and instructions. The case in point re: Mr Morgan could have been removed under the current rules if the 50% threshold had been met in accordance with current quorum requirements (keep voting until the jobs completed). However, the votes reflected a less than robust agreement that’s why it’s essential that we tidy up the process now. We need to introduce and roll out the 75% principles as the next 3 year term kicks into play.

      Also, when we’re unhappy with our representatives performance: we the people must use our vote of no confidence in our elected member(s) via our Marae process and remove them before the 3 year term, then initiate a type of by-election process for a new representative. I think we’re getting there aye whanau…


    • TeWhakaara Manawaroa TeWao
      Oct 29, 2011 @ 13:13:20

      kia ora, itau toko wot u say,tuku and his mob had there turn,and stuffed it , there time is over,


  7. KLEM
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 15:23:52



  8. Mana Up
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 01:37:24

    @ Klem. Re. Controlling yr tupunas assets, aahh no.


  9. Mana Up
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 02:04:55

    What is there to like about Tuku? nothing, nada, zilch. He is a money and power hungry scoundrel, trying to pass himself off as an intelligent, politically savvy, tikanga mohio, people’s person. He is nothing but an egotistical, chauvinistic idiot, who surrounds himself with like minded lackeys. Your day of reckoning Tuku is drawing nigh, where is the fricken financial statements that show the true extent of your spend-up.


  10. Ezekiel
    Oct 29, 2011 @ 02:38:16

    Tautoko all your points Whanau Observer – especially in applying a robust criteria to marae committee selection. Gone are the days where selection/appointment to the marae committee was based on whoever was willing or available at the time. Accountability & transparency is the catch cry of the 21st century & even more applicable to marae committees given the increased availability of grants to them from all sources. Horahora & Hiiona marae are good examples of why accountability & transparency is vital. More importantly though, to ensure that marae are not bullied, coerced, duped or purchased into supporting the fool of the day’s delusional expectations. No doubt Papaorotu & Okarea have been bought. Marae chairs especially should come under strict scrutiny!!


  11. Milton Ngaruhe
    May 05, 2012 @ 12:54:00

    Gosh where was I when all this happened? Lol. Yeah that motion was monumentally idiotic and poorly considered (to say the least), but the last time I checked every member of Te Kauhanganui has a right to put a motion forward just as every other member has the right for or against it. Public discussion of a motion that has been upheld or defeated should be about the merit of the motion itself and not about the party/parties who tabled it.
    Marae committees are filled with people of varying abilities and thats the way it should stay. I understand the call of more educated whanau who want to see a more pakehafied approach to the ways in which our committees are run but baby steps and kia aata haere kia kore tatou e takakinongia. Kei te kuwaha e tatari ana te Pakeha.
    Te Papaorotu need not answer any of the jibes and barbs directed at it as its member (though acting somewhat surreptitiously) was merely acting within her constitutional rights.
    Besides all of the comments here are now defunct and you’re all proven to be sensationalists lol.
    Kia tau ai ngaa manaakitanga a te Rungarawa ki runga kia taatou katoa. Pai marire


    • Milton Ngaruhe
      Aug 14, 2012 @ 09:06:40

      Kia ora,Does receipt of this email mean that my comment has been accepted? Awesome… Love the blog by the way 😀 Noho ora mai 😀 Milton NgaruheDate: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 23:04:34 +0000 To: miltonngar@hotmail.co.nz


        Aug 15, 2012 @ 16:28:21

        kia ora koutou katoa! Te Papa O Rotu Marae, population? Not many if any. Open up your eyes whanau whakarongo! obviously your not. Tuku is greasing you up lol! Let me go korero to the smaller Maraes forget them bigger ones cause they wont back me up… He’s put you all in a spell telling you this and that and proberly promising you all Gold.. Lol like he will! He wants you’ll to down grade Tania and give negative feed back to make him look good and feel hes wanted back in… Whanau hes doing it to alot of Maraes your size… He’ll blow you away with his politic skills… And once you back him up and he gets what he needs… Your nothing to him afterwards, you have to realize outside your Marae NO-ONE WANTS HIM BACK! So don’t be fooled or else your Marae is gona be backstabed by those giving your ataahua Marae a bad name… Cause of one man.. And notice hes coming to the Marae alot lol did’nt want to know you when he was up there… TE PAPA O ROTO MARAE! WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION! Not to one man (tuku) but to the people… No reira tena koutou katoa Whanau. Kia Kaha!

      • Ben Tewao
        Aug 17, 2012 @ 14:19:55

        where the hell u peps, been this has been sorted,this was done by 1 person,an her opinion,not the whanau from Pap shit, get real

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