Little Gemm’s

A little gemm we found on the net, from 2004:

“My friend was very eager to have her daughter enrolled at a Maori language school which has the infamous Tuku Morgan as a board member.

Places were scarce and the roll was about to be closed, she had the opportunity to speak to Mr Morgan, he suggested that her child could be guaranteed a place at the school in return for sexual favours!

She told him to F**K OFF!

And I am so proud of her!”

Another more recent example, 2010:

Poor Tuku Morgan: After many restless nights and much hand wringing poor old Tuku has done an about face and will now accept a success fee of $100,000 for the Waikato River settlement treaty on behalf of himself. Initially he said he would never take any fee for working for his people. I guess once Hone Key handed over the dosh Tuku couldn’t help himself again ,just like the underpants rubbish etc etc. No wonder NZ taxpayers have had a gutsful. Tuku can not be contacted at the present time! Why work to support this crap?????

A quick search of Google for “Tuku Morgan” reveals all!