Same Sh!t, Different Day

The silly season is upon us yet again as many Maori families struggle with high unemployment and huge rates of poverty, crime, incarceration (remember Tuku thinks that it’s a good idea to build a prison for Maori!), and all manner of bad things… how much do you think the Te Arataura committee will spend this year’s Christmas dinner? Will it be $15,000? $20,000? Over $20,000? Oh and we hope that Tuku is enjoying his overseas holiday paid for by the tribe -first class, five star style as Tuku goes, but only if the tribe are picking up the bill (of course!)

Tuku Morgan in a bad mood

Oh, lets not forget about Tuku’s fisrt class trip to New York a couple years back, entirely paid for by the tribe. So that Tuku could go on all the fabulous sight seeing attractions in the Big Apple, even including trips to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Wall St stockmarket. And on top of that Tuku charged the tribe hundreds of dollars per day because he was at WORK you know!

Whanau, enjoy your unemployment, your poverty, and your hungry kids, it’s gonna be around for a while!