Bye Bye Leech

Nick Wells, what a nasty leech you are

Chapmann Tripp gets the Boot: We have just heard that Te Kauhanganui have served it up to those Chapman Tripp leeches and told the chief leech Nick Wells to take a hike.

Now the Te Arataura snakes will have to fork out of their own pockets instead of stealing from the tribal funds to continue their wasteful practices, and lets see how eager they are to call in the mega-buck QC’s this time round.

Te Arataura should be able to afford it should’t they? They did give themselves a pay increase which they didn’t inform Te Kauhanganui about didn’t they? This is the same increase that should have been given to the Te Kauhanganui reps shouldn’t it? Isn’t that what the consultants told dopey Maxine Moana anyway? (Married-to-fraudster-Maxine Moana and Slackass-Bludger Tukiri should know all about that!)

Te Papa o Rotu, Part 2

The lovelies over at Tribal Goss are reporting that individuals from the Te Papa o Rotu Marae are responsible for parroting Tuku Morgan’s lies, and went completely over the heads of the proper Marae leadership:

two marae who put up resolutions -to remove the chair – are very unhappy – and pleased at the same time …

well those two marae are very PO at their kaupapa members – who arbitrarily put up these resolutions – the resolutions were NOT passed at a marae committee meeting – so there – it was the bitching underhanded sly and grossly disrespectful few – the filthy few – (good movie that) – who have screwed up their marae rep and have confirmed to all and sundry their duplicitous ways -.

we trust both marae kick out – expel and cancel the memberships of the signatories to these dumb resolutions -.

we apologise to te papa o rotu marae for any unncessary and public stress we caused you collectively.

We can’t wait to receive the names of these weak and misguided individuals who willingly allowed themselves to act as Tuku’s mouthpieces (that Tuku can lay the blame somewhere else, you see) so that we can name and shame the fools.

Update 11-11-11: The name of the fool who tried to do Tuku’s dirty work appears to be a no-nothing by the name of Mrs Mertel Timaru. What a shame. Soon to become a persona non grata if common sense prevails!.