Bye Bye Leech

Nick Wells, what a nasty leech you are

Chapmann Tripp gets the Boot: We have just heard that Te Kauhanganui have served it up to those Chapman Tripp leeches and told the chief leech Nick Wells to take a hike.

Now the Te Arataura snakes will have to fork out of their own pockets instead of stealing from the tribal funds to continue their wasteful practices, and lets see how eager they are to call in the mega-buck QC’s this time round.

Te Arataura should be able to afford it should’t they? They did give themselves a pay increase which they didn’t inform Te Kauhanganui about didn’t they? This is the same increase that should have been given to the Te Kauhanganui reps shouldn’t it? Isn’t that what the consultants told dopey Maxine Moana anyway? (Married-to-fraudster-Maxine Moana and Slackass-Bludger Tukiri should know all about that!)

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  1. tribalgoss
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 11:35:20

    interesting .. who is te kauhanganui – is it te arataura in disguise – and we think out loud of course – that te aratarua have been forced to sack chapmann tripped – because of the outrageous amounts of our money that has been spent by morgan and his goons on protecting their butts and using the legal greedy chapmann tripped for their personal protection – gee we wonder what kind of rep chapmann tripped have in the legal fraternity – a whole heap of other legal wanna-bees will make a bee-line for waikato – as te arataura have been proven to be completely and easily duped when it comes to commercial business arrangements – they do not know the price of milk! –

    we figure te arataura has already made its mind up and has already chosen (on your behalf) who its next set of legal beagles will ‘service’ the tribe – oh excuse us – service te arataura and its goons …

    maybe patsy developed a conscience – nah – that’s hoping for too much –
    maybe john spencer stepped in and say tally-ho old chaps you must stop spending as we cannot assign your spending madness too much longer in the TGH annual reports –
    maybe the truck driver paki stepped in and said do not bring my name into this unholy mess – too late – you are already in the mess – you are as much the cause as morgan and his psycho-fants;
    lets have a sweep stake to see what the legal spend is – we bet – $2.5-3m million alone in legal fees!
    and those three secret payouts – around $2m including the payoff to horahora and the other expenditure to themselves – interesting turn of events ..

    so when te arataura comes to the agm – they can say they have made amends and mistakes and please forgive us – we are now on the right track – and we have got rid of the reasons for the biggest costs .. kinda does not really do it – when they are now threatening to take legal action again – against their / morgan’s own stupid decision to challenge the rules they wrote in such haste – well look what has happened and of course if the likes of motormouth headless hori awa was any indication of who was on the komiti to change the rules – they are now reaping what they sowed – confusion and gotcha!

    whew! needed to do that –


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