Te Arataura: Wake up and smell the coffee

The message seems to be completely lost on Tuku Morgan and Phat Patience Te Ao.

On October 29 Te Kauhanganui voted to clear up the mess by agreeing to fix up the rules.

The foolish Te Arataura committee don’t seem to get the message and want to drag Te Kauhanganui back into the high court because a few stubborn individuals don’t agree with the majority.

Wanting to entrench their style of undemocratic minority rule, Te Arataura don’t want the rules to be changed in a final desperate attempt to cling to power.

As usual, the interests of the Te Ataraura committee have absolutely nothing to do with the well being of Te Kauhanganui, and the wider tribal good.

Simple solution: get rid of them!


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  1. whanau observer
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 10:49:42

    A Reality Check Is Needed!

    Tainui Group Holdings current asset base sits at $658 million dollars, according to the 2011 THG Annual Report. Take into account today’s global recession of which we are part of, I reason in today’s market we’re worth half that amount i.e. @ $320 million dollars. It’s interesting to read in Waikato Times 19/11/11 TGH are selling the “no risk benefit analysis” to the public (industry benchmark – sugar coated) to garner funds based on forecasted (not real) revenue assumptions to be
    generated, (rather than THG supply a cost-benefit analysis) for the new transport hub.

    Interesting still is the involvement of Te Arataura subcommittee Chair in the adjoining TGH (elite club of director’s) business deals. It’s no wonder Te Kauhanganui are supinard to the High Court (you are bucking the trend Te Kauhanganui) by insisting the new rule changes take effect immediately. My advice is get Audit New Zealand in – this will silence all opposition!

    It’s a complete shame find that yet again 4 Marae have abstained from voting, here’s some free advice – pull your heads in. Your opinion is mandatory not selective.


  2. tribalgoss
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 05:56:43

    Kia ora

    We think the word you need to use is ‘subpoena’ not ‘supinard’.

    Under s56G Judicature Act 1908 the High Court may set aside a subpoena issued in a New Zealand proceeding.

    Why has TKI been issued with a subpoena? On what grounds?
    Has or was it made ex parte? Which it can be?

    What court is this hearing to be at?


  3. whanau observer
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 09:05:20

    Good spotting Tribal Goss my mistake. An injunction has been filed by Chapman Tripp at Hamilton High Court on behalf of Te Arataura, they want to stop the rule changes Te Kauhanganui voted on last month. Not sure what day and time this will take place!


  4. tribalgoss
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 10:43:24

    NP. Everyone that lives in Hamilton. Go read the paperwork.
    Find out who is appearing for TKI. Whether TKI is the defendant or is it the chair of TKI?


  5. Mana Up
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 01:58:57

    TKI is the defendant….. Arataura are the crooks propped up by Chapman Tripp.


  6. Chris Webster
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 02:00:22

    Te Kauhanganui Inc Soc is the plaintiff. It is suing its the chair of Te Kauhanganui. Talk about madness!

    The plaintiff is really Te Arataura exercising what it refers to as the ‘rights vested in it’. how about that!

    In 1999 not one member of Te Kauhanganui approved any rights to be vested in the original committee – Te Kaumarua; as the committee wrote the rules and gave themselves the power way back in 1995

    Not one Te Kauhanganui member approved or voted for the ‘new’ committee te arataura to vest any rights in it either.

    in 2005 after te kaumarua turned feral and imploded – te arataura just replaced the name and continued with the manipulation established by the original 12 members who appointed themselves as te kauhanganui inc soc, and then as members of te kaumarua and then as directors of the waikato raupatu trustee co ltd and the waikato raupatu lands trust and the deceit started there and has continued …

    There has been no accountability from day one – no transparency – no honesty – just manipulation and a disturbing lack of ethical behavior.


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