Investigation Places Te Arataura in a Tricky Position

Financial Review Reveals the Te Arataura Committee’s Excessive Spending

A recent audit by KPMG reveals lavish spending of tribal dollars by the Te Arataura executive committee.

The investigation shows that certain officials, including the Te Arataura committee chairman Tuku Morgan, have taken several first-class and business class flights, and spent many nights enjoying lavish hotels with room service, with thousands more spent on ‘entertainment’ extras and perks with tribal money.

According to the report, it was revealed that Morgan had failed to document the spending by not recording the significance of the expenses. The investigation reports that Morgan had used tribal funds to pay for Labour politician Parekura Horomia’s stay at Hamilton’s swanky Novotel hotel when he attended the recent Iwi Leaders forum meeting held earlier in the year.

Te Arataura: Desperate cling to power

It’s now known that Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura are attempting to delay the election process of the executive from January into the end of February 2012 so that he can retain the status quo.

In the meantime:

  • Te Arataura are refusing to adhere to the newly registered rules despite an order by the high court.
  • Te Arataura are attempting to block the release of the KMPG audit to Te Kauhanganui Marae representatives.
  • Te Arataura are refusing to cease litigation against Tania Martin despite a Te Kauhanganui resolution.
  • Te Arataura have not compensated Tania Martin in spite of orders from the high court and Te Kauhanganui.
  • Tuku Morgan has instructed Te Arataura and management to ignore all requests from Tania Martin.
  • Te Arataura continue to waste more tribal funds on the crooked Chapman Trip law firm , projected to reach $2,000,000 any time soon.

Utter contempt and someone should remind Tuku that when his time is up, it’s up.

Keep on digging your hole Tuku is what we say!

Te Arataura are Serving their own Interests

To: Tuku Morgan “”
Cc: Patience Te Ao “”, Charles Joe “”, Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai “”, Sonny Wilson “”, Kingi Porima “”, Robert Tukiri “”, Greg Miller “”, Timi Maipi “”, Rahui Papa “”, Rukumoana Schaafhausen “”, Parekawhia McLean “”, Ritihia Hamiora-Kahu “”, Tama Potaka “”, Chris Joblin “”, Tracey Waudby “”

Te Arataura are Serving their own Interests

Said the high court judge and just like we’ve said all along, Te Arataura are only in it for themselves and they have sent the asiprations of the tribe down the drain.

At least Tania Martin gets awarded costs (again). However we have learned that Martin hasn’t been paid for the time she has spent on the governance review committee. We know that Te Arataura members got paid on time, and now we hear that Carmen Kirkwood has made a stand and refused to accept her own payments until fellow member Martin gets paid.

The amounts we are talking about here are trivial when compared to millions spent on Chapmann Tripp rip-offs, and Tuku Morgan’s five star lifestyle -they always get paid for first! There are no prizes for guessing who is behind these and many other deliberate refusals to cough up the cash -in spite of being told to by the judges and Te Kauhanganui -the tribal CEO Parekawhia Patsy Mclean -thats who!

Update: We have since learned that Patsy Mclean won’t pay Martin for her time spent on committees because Martin hasn’t filled her details on the right word template, apparently. It’s taken an entire year for Mclean to come up with such a rubbish excuse despite other members NOT having to use such a document. Remember, Parekawhia Mclean is on record as saying that she “Won’t muck around with the organization”. Whatever Patsy!

The CEO is doing this to restrict Martin’s income while at the same time Tuku Morgan and Chapmann Trip are forcing Martin into endless rounds of litigation with the stated aim of causing the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman to run into bankruptcy.

Te Arataura gets desperate for Christmas

The word is out, yet another act of utter desperation by Tuku Morgan, Parekawhia Mclean, and Te Arataura sees them attempting to have the Te Kauhanganui election process at Hiona Marae ruled invalid. Out of 65 Waikato marae committees they just happen to be targeting the Hiona Marae.

Why? The answer is obvious – this just happens to be the marae of the embattled Te Kauhanganui chairperson Tania Martin.

This latest attempt to get rid of Tania Martin is another glaring example of Tuku’s deviousness as Te Arataura attempt to cover up six million dollars worth of hyper spending Tainui rip offs.

Chapman Trip attempt to have meeting cancelled…

On Dec 2, the Friday before the latest Te Kauhanganui meeting, found the Chapman Trip lawyers in court arguing before a judge to have the Te Kauhanganui meeting adjourned, the one that was scheduled for the following Sunday (Dec 4).

You see, Chapmann Tripp are afraid of losing their Te Arataura cash cow and they will take Te Kauhanganui to court to attempt to have the new rule changes thrown out and keep our big bucks rolling into their pockets.

And then Tuku Mrgan tried to tell Te Kauhanganui that he didn’t send in those lawyer scum to try and have another Te Kauhanganui meeting scrapped. What a dork!

We Told You So!

We have constantly criticized Te Arataura’s refusal to release the financial information to Te Kauhanganui, and here’s the facts that they DON’T want known –there appears to be huge gap in the tribal finances, a gap thats the size of over $6 million!

And as we have rightly speculated all along, the crooked lawyers from Chappmann Tripp have stripped over $1.5 million from the tribe.

Six million of your dollars just got burned, and its all because of crooks like Tuku Morgan and Parekawhia Mclean.

They need to be stopped, and stopped soon.