We Told You So!

We have constantly criticized Te Arataura’s refusal to release the financial information to Te Kauhanganui, and here’s the facts that they DON’T want known –there appears to be huge gap in the tribal finances, a gap thats the size of over $6 million!

And as we have rightly speculated all along, the crooked lawyers from Chappmann Tripp have stripped over $1.5 million from the tribe.

Six million of your dollars just got burned, and its all because of crooks like Tuku Morgan and Parekawhia Mclean.

They need to be stopped, and stopped soon.

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  1. whanau observer
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 03:48:54

    Meri Kirihimete whanau, look at the early presents hana koko has given to the people of Waikato – Tainui – the prezzies are useful – important – information… now that’s priceless! Consider this whakaaro – looking through the dual lens of the King and Mr. Morgan:

    Te Arataura for some time under the covering of the king – headed by Mr Morgan, Mr Millar and company have knowingly manipulated Te Kauhanganui Inc in order to fit their agenda.

    Te Kauhanganui Inc our legal governance body in essence is being ousted. It will be replaced by the king’s office i.e. by Mr Potaka, Mr Morgan, Mr Whakaruru, Mr Millar and co.

    The threads of continual discord are designed to bring about the ultimate collapse of Te Kauhanganui via the sustained refusal of Te Arataura to accept TKI’s governance directions.

    As a result the people of Tainui waka will be coerced into accepting this option. Loyalty to the king without question simply because it’s the only option that will be presented to the people at the end of the day!

    To add weight to “Morgan and co’s plan” we’ve had over 10 years of courtroom battles, executive dysfunction and defamation lawsuits; history has given birth to this agenda.

    Mr. Morgan believes he’ll continue as the king’s right-hand man when TKI is dissolved…that’s the real plan!

    The king formed a koroneihana Trust with Mr T Maipi, Mr R Papa and the late Mrs J Paekau as trustees. To date, 2 years of accounts remain outstanding $200,000+ approx. Turangawaewae marae trust cleared the koroneihana trust accounts from the marae funds.

    The chair of Turangawaewae has been chasing up Mr T Maipi for 2 years – Mr Maipi just walks away!

    It’s taken Turangawaewae 2 years to notify the koroneihana trust formally to repay the debt; Turangawaewae’s credibility is flushed down the drain because of this inept process.

    As a result, I believe stage II of team Morgans agenda is to discredit all marae trusts using similar tactics.

    The door for Mr. Millar to channel all monies through the king’s office via Ururangi trust is open.

    Your $10 million dollar grant provided to all 61 marae per annum will be captured by the king’s office; your marae applications are going to be vetted.

    The vetting will be done by team Morgan i.e. Mr. Millar, Mr. Whakaruru, Mr. Potaka, Mr. Spencer the puppeteers. Te Kauhanganui here’s some breaking news – your ousting is imminent – Don’t let it Happen!

    I’m talking to you to cuzzie Taipu are you listening… your backing team Morgan’s waka and there’s no room for you or Te Arataura; they’re about to be dumped too? Because that has always been part of team Morgan’s plan?

    I strongly recommend Te Kauhanganui Inc Chair Mrs Martin – pro actively manages the fall-out likely to occur because of the insights offered.


  2. tainui_bull
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 17:27:18

    they better not go there, they will stir more trouble than they can handle…..Trust Me


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