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A review of 2011

It only takes a few sentences to summarize 2011.

Last year Te Arataura achieved nothing and…

Tuku Morgan spent millions (of your money!) in his push for power, and to avoid all notions of transparency and accountability, while achieving absolutely nothing!

We had hoped that there would be a fresh start to 2012 with the tribal elections, but we’ve been informed that the Chapmann Tripp lawyers have been tutoring the Maori king on the role that he has to play in the attempted overthrow of our tribal parliament.

By the way, we had our 50,000th visitor to the blog yesterday and we can’t wait to get 50,000 more. Hooah!

Taupiri Marae Grabs a Bargain

Iwi snaps up buildings for $1

A gold coin does not usually buy much these days, but the iwi of a Waikato marae have snaffled a bargain, getting two buildings for just $1.

Taupiri Marae iwi paid $1 to buy the Tamahere Hall and toilet block after the Waikato District Council had to sell the buildings in order for the land the buildings were sitting on – within Tamahere Model School’s boundaries – to be sold back to the Education Ministry.

Education Ministry general manager property Kim Shannon said the ministry was purchasing the land the hall was sitting on, but the building was not up to ministry standards. More

Tuku is no stranger to double deals!

"Fuck woman you look awful, go clean yourself up."

This is a tale that goes back to 2003 or 2004 perhaps, when Tuku Morgan had managed to con his way back into the fold of the tribal political scene.

These were also controversial times. Typically, acts of extreme betrayal and treachery had enabled Tuku and another fellow to come to some sort of weird double-chair arrangement to head the executive.

It became apparent though that this wasn’t the only dual arrangement happening. The story goes that Tuku had managed to plant his mistress into a Tainui management job at Hopu Hopu. Soon he was to find out that this particular lass had also become the other guy’s woman on the side (he was Shane Solomon’s brother!) There were double deals happening all over the place!

Tuku was furious when he found out, it’s said that in an act of rage he beat her up at the college on the hill in the presence of some Tainui staffers and his mate Timi Maipi.

Big ups to John S. for giving us this info!

Maui Street: More Trouble in Tainui

The blog over at Maui Street gets it right on the button by commenting:

“The Tainui Brown Table is a putrid one, one that needs to be destroyed and remade. Remade with the interests of the people at its core.”

Go check out Maui Street – More trouble in Tainui!

Whanau Observer comments:

My entry is intended for individuals of like mind who are prepared to examine where their loyalties lie!

Can you make an informed choice to commit to something better!

When you see your trust being constantly battered by your hero’s actions?

How do you justify and maintain your loyalty?

What will make you decide when enough is enough?

When will you draw a line in the sand?

Will you move on and replace one hero with another and so on?

Is there another formula –option-choice- for us to consider? More

Desperate moves to kill off Te Kauhanganui: Maori king + Morgan + Chappman Tripp

Since it was revealed that the Chappman Tripp lawyers are providing legal advice to the maori king as well as Tuku Morgan and Te Arataura, it must be assumed that they are working hand in hand to try and have the entire Tainui parliament sacked.

Behind the scenes Chappman Tripp are working furiously to have the next Te Kauhanganui meetings set for February 4, and the special meeting on Feb. 12 cancelled.

Tuku Morgan is trying desperately to stop the new Te Arataura committee from being elected.

It’s 2011 all over again!

With Morgan seemingly on the outer limits are we witnessing the events shaping as the maori king scrambles to fill what appears to be a power vacuum?

Is there another brand of non-transparency and unaccountability appearing on the horizon?

Will this site be reporting on the excesses of the maori king and his office in the near future?

Time will tell but one thing ‘s for sure – they don’t want the peasants having any say in the matter…


Bad Returns: Tuku Morgan:

Tuku Morgan

When you pay someone $300,000 per year, did you ever dream that this is what you’d get in return:

  • Excessive spending of tribal funds.
  • Deliberately having Te Kauhanganui meetings abandoned.
  • Attempting to have further meetings abandoned via high court litigation.
  • Millions of tribal funds wasted on unnecessary law suits.
  • Continuous lying to Te Kauhanganui.
  • Spreading lies via newspaper, TV, and radio broadcasts.
  • Desperate attempts to block the financial review of tribal spending.
  • Attempting to prevent Te Kauhanganui members from receiving the financial reports.
  • Refusing to adhere to Te Kauhanganui and high court decisions.
  • False accusations to the police in an attempt to get rid of the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman.
  • Trying to invalidate the election of Hiona Marae representatives in further efforts to get rid of the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman.
  • Attempting to have the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman bankrupted via unnecessary high court litigation.
  • Blocking paymentsto the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman for committee work even though other committee members were paid without fuss.
  • Generating a false crisis to justify having Te Kauhanghanui dissolved

Last year $300,000 is what Tainui paid Tuku Morgan. On top of that you can add in the generous five star lifestyle paid with tribal funds, and all the entertainment extras paid for by the tribe.

If anyone has brought the tribe into disrepute its Bad Value Morgan.

Quote of the day:

Who do you think said this:

“We have helped iwi develop appropriate commercial structures to manage and develop their business opportunities, protect their taonga and meet the needs of their people.”

If you said Chapmann Trips very own Nick Wells, you’d be right. Protecting taonga? Meeting the needs of the people? Crap from Chapmann Trip is what that is!

Nick Wells and Chapmann Trip must be sick of taking a beating by the amateur Tania Martin at the high court in Hamilton. Nevertheless, Chapmann Tripp are well rewarded for their mediocre performances by taking home a multi million dollar Tainui paycheck.

Protecting the taonga? Having to kiss Tuku Morgans butt every day because the money is so good? Whatever!

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