To provoke thought…

Sent to us via the email lists…

  • Why has Te Arataura behaved in a manner that has denigrated the mana of the very ‘body’ that elected them?
  • Was all the unnecessary litigation by Te Arataura, which has cost Te Kauhanganui nearly $1m approx, designed to serve as ‘smokey mirrors’.
  • Is this pattern of behaviour part of a bigger plan to effectively ‘dysfunctional-ise’ the main ‘body’, upon which the Custodial Trustee may then have certain powers?
  • What would be the best possible way to cover up a 3-year term of financial excesses then shutting Te Kauhanganui down, if all other attempts have failed?
  • Who will have power and control of our tribal asset base for the meantime anyway, if the main ‘body’ is dissolved?
  • Why has Te Arataura contravened the Rules by postponing the election, when their 3-year license has expired, and we have a entirely new membership?
  • What other explanation can a group of 11 people have for doing what they have done over the past 12 months, if it’s not part of a bigger plan?
  • Why, all of a sudden, has the king announced that he wants a new Te Kauhanganui, a new Te Arataura, and control of tribal funds to start anew and put our people back on the right track?
  • Will the king’s way be the right way for our people, and produce a sustainable future for our mokopuna?