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  • Why has Te Arataura behaved in a manner that has denigrated the mana of the very ‘body’ that elected them?
  • Was all the unnecessary litigation by Te Arataura, which has cost Te Kauhanganui nearly $1m approx, designed to serve as ‘smokey mirrors’.
  • Is this pattern of behaviour part of a bigger plan to effectively ‘dysfunctional-ise’ the main ‘body’, upon which the Custodial Trustee may then have certain powers?
  • What would be the best possible way to cover up a 3-year term of financial excesses then shutting Te Kauhanganui down, if all other attempts have failed?
  • Who will have power and control of our tribal asset base for the meantime anyway, if the main ‘body’ is dissolved?
  • Why has Te Arataura contravened the Rules by postponing the election, when their 3-year license has expired, and we have a entirely new membership?
  • What other explanation can a group of 11 people have for doing what they have done over the past 12 months, if it’s not part of a bigger plan?
  • Why, all of a sudden, has the king announced that he wants a new Te Kauhanganui, a new Te Arataura, and control of tribal funds to start anew and put our people back on the right track?
  • Will the king’s way be the right way for our people, and produce a sustainable future for our mokopuna?

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  1. Whanau Observer
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 11:42:13

    Kia ora whanau, here’s my analysis on the following entry.
    There is as interplay of commercial, systemic, governance and individual agendas shaping the events many Waikato Tainui beneficiaries are spectators to. TA held office for 3 years during this time business documents have been and continue to be signed off by both chairs of TKI and TA. Time for you executives-leaders to swallow a dose of accountability – own your sh@#*t! TKI authorised the release of funds to allow TA to continue business as usual including future payment for
    litigation commencing in Feb 2012 etc.

    TKI did not have the discipline or foresight needed to confront the most brutal facts or to make the radical improvements called for at the annual 2011 AGM. TKI failed to exercise its powers to effect change that would have stopped litigation in its tracks. Note: Don’t sign on the dotted line until the annual reports address the concerns of the iwi! Do you get my point now?

    I disagree with the paucity of the argument – there are smokey mirrors. What’s clear to me is TKI is responsible for its own demise, members failed to perform to expectations placed upon them at the executive level.

    The Kings office! Mr. Millar and Mr. Spenser are the drivers behind the scenes, they’ll be the new co chairs authorised to conduct future business for Waikato Tainui under the umbrella of the kings custodianship. Mr. Morgan is yesterday’s news so too is TA. Mr. Morgan you are no longer flavor of the month how does it feel to be treated in the same fashion as Mrs. Martin!

    Here’s more breaking news – Chapman Tripp are on the kings pay role they’ll be taking Mr Morgan and Mrs. Martin as the reps for TKI to court in February 2012 part of the new systems change… talk about swings and roundabouts all because you signed on the dotted line…. the ramifications are becoming apparently clear now!

    Having evaluated the effectiveness and performance of Te Kauhanganui Inc and its subcommittee over the past 10 years in particular the last 3 years reveals and substantiates an overwhelming case for the Kings Office to oust the entire governance arm.

    I recognise the inept practices at play where our entire TKI took refuge, they are dysfunctional, rather than use the research produced by KPMG audit as a stepping stone to effect positive change. Even now as I write they continue on blindly like lemmings following each other over the cliffs… at the end of the day we could be looking at bankruptcy for Waikato Tainui, so much for our so-called talented pool of TKI leaders.

    I’m putting a stop to all this madness and greed. It’s time to take action before all tribal money runs out and into the private banks accounts of the Kings trust. If you have an official KPMG audit report 2011 that’s been paid for by the tribe but placed on ice by the tribes’ executives – let me know I’d like a copy please.


  2. Takutai
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 21:14:20

    oh please fuk up nd fuk off wit yr crying get on with doin something positive for once


  3. Techno
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 10:33:18

    takutai u fat fuk. ha ha ha ha ha get off the drugs and u give something positive. Im goin to rock up everytime you talk you fat fuk.


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