Bad Returns: Tuku Morgan:

Tuku Morgan

When you pay someone $300,000 per year, did you ever dream that this is what you’d get in return:

  • Excessive spending of tribal funds.
  • Deliberately having Te Kauhanganui meetings abandoned.
  • Attempting to have further meetings abandoned via high court litigation.
  • Millions of tribal funds wasted on unnecessary law suits.
  • Continuous lying to Te Kauhanganui.
  • Spreading lies via newspaper, TV, and radio broadcasts.
  • Desperate attempts to block the financial review of tribal spending.
  • Attempting to prevent Te Kauhanganui members from receiving the financial reports.
  • Refusing to adhere to Te Kauhanganui and high court decisions.
  • False accusations to the police in an attempt to get rid of the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman.
  • Trying to invalidate the election of Hiona Marae representatives in further efforts to get rid of the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman.
  • Attempting to have the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman bankrupted via unnecessary high court litigation.
  • Blocking paymentsto the Te Kauhanganui chairwoman for committee work even though other committee members were paid without fuss.
  • Generating a false crisis to justify having Te Kauhanghanui dissolved

Last year $300,000 is what Tainui paid Tuku Morgan. On top of that you can add in the generous five star lifestyle paid with tribal funds, and all the entertainment extras paid for by the tribe.

If anyone has brought the tribe into disrepute its Bad Value Morgan.