Maui Street: More Trouble in Tainui

The blog over at Maui Street gets it right on the button by commenting:

“The Tainui Brown Table is a putrid one, one that needs to be destroyed and remade. Remade with the interests of the people at its core.”

Go check out Maui Street – More trouble in Tainui!

Whanau Observer comments:

My entry is intended for individuals of like mind who are prepared to examine where their loyalties lie!

Can you make an informed choice to commit to something better!

When you see your trust being constantly battered by your hero’s actions?

How do you justify and maintain your loyalty?

What will make you decide when enough is enough?

When will you draw a line in the sand?

Will you move on and replace one hero with another and so on?

Is there another formula –option-choice- for us to consider? More