Whanau Observer comments:

My entry is intended for individuals of like mind who are prepared to examine where their loyalties lie!

Can you make an informed choice to commit to something better!

When you see your trust being constantly battered by your hero’s actions?

How do you justify and maintain your loyalty?

What will make you decide when enough is enough?

When will you draw a line in the sand?

Will you move on and replace one hero with another and so on?

Is there another formula –option-choice- for us to consider?

To the custodians of TKI – the king, the kings’ office, the chair of TKI, the chair of the subcommittee, TA members, TGH directors and senior management, WRLT CEO, chairs of marae committees, and their staunch supporters. You have lost respect for the meaning and understanding of “trust” all-together your actions have seriously breached the peoples’ confidence and I suspect you don’t even care.

I am of the view that as a collective you do not have the financial strength, track record and expertise to provide Waikato Tainui iwi with the high level of assurance that “as a group or individually” you will deliver a successful, financially secure future for all of us.

Do the above named parties conduct themselves with a high level of trust operating in a “no surprises” and transparent environment of accountability? Are matters of confidentiality kept confidential?

Are we now the owners of a significant business debt? Are we broke, is there no more tribal wealth? Did the signing of the Dec 2011 annual reports seal a debt laden future for us?

Is selective communication being used as leverage to achieve personal agendas? This tactic is a principle strategy at corporate levels used to achieve those agendas. Are we the beneficiaries being subjected to these tactics by the above collective?

Judge Keane used the term society! Erakas blog used the term peasant, I used the term spectator – for good reason it serves to remind us we are the Trust, we are being bullied, our voices are being ignored.

Do our leaders’ believe we are easy to exploit?

Do our leaders believe we need protection and parenting?

Does it justify their actions to treat us like idiots to be patronised?

In my view, this form of self serving rhetoric leads to HERO WORSHIP….

Are our loyalties like commodities continually traded in exchange for seats of power?

Where is the power… you’ve always had it!


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