Tuku is no stranger to double deals!

"Fuck woman you look awful, go clean yourself up."

This is a tale that goes back to 2003 or 2004 perhaps, when Tuku Morgan had managed to con his way back into the fold of the tribal political scene.

These were also controversial times. Typically, acts of extreme betrayal and treachery had enabled Tuku and another fellow to come to some sort of weird double-chair arrangement to head the executive.

It became apparent though that this wasn’t the only dual arrangement happening. The story goes that Tuku had managed to plant his mistress into a Tainui management job at Hopu Hopu. Soon he was to find out that this particular lass had also become the other guy’s woman on the side (he was Shane Solomon’s brother!) There were double deals happening all over the place!

Tuku was furious when he found out, it’s said that in an act of rage he beat her up at the college on the hill in the presence of some Tainui staffers and his mate Timi Maipi.

Big ups to John S. for giving us this info!