A review of 2011

It only takes a few sentences to summarize 2011.

Last year Te Arataura achieved nothing and…

Tuku Morgan spent millions (of your money!) in his push for power, and to avoid all notions of transparency and accountability, while achieving absolutely nothing!

We had hoped that there would be a fresh start to 2012 with the tribal elections, but we’ve been informed that the Chapmann Tripp lawyers have been tutoring the Maori king on the role that he has to play in the attempted overthrow of our tribal parliament.

By the way, we had our 50,000th visitor to the blog yesterday and we can’t wait to get 50,000 more. Hooah!

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  1. CHAD
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 21:58:48

    To all the loyal s how can we sit back and let one person being the Maaori King carry on with his Kaipono attitude note to self when you ask your people to pay/koha thousands of dollars for 2 houses that they may never set foot in or may get told to leave (why) when you have asked them to pay/koha the dollars to do the revamp. Then you go and build a million plus dollar house at 149 why when your home up at the waananga has nothing wrong with it cause you wouldn’t put people that you love init if there was something wrong with it would you?. Why the greed for so much money when you and I and the rest of Waikato-Tainui know you dont need it after all you get from Poukai yet you and your advisers prance around the Motu with your heads held high to a point where you have a personae of a stuck up pratt. Your mother would be turning in her grave and you know it 40 years of blood sweat and tears gone almost wiped of the face of this planet for what!!! All you have ever done since you have been the Maaori King is spend spend spend. Hello your people are living on the poverty line and that isn’t a nice look from where I’am standing. You abuse seniors of considerable ranking with-in your own community and then you have a brain storm to go on national television and give a Xmas tide dahh do you know what its about (humility) and then you and your scientific team of sociologist write what you okayed in the latest Waikato-Tainui Mag you have a very good way of being articulate did you honestly write any of that?. How many cars do you need before you say ok I have a vehicle for everyday of the week is that enough. I go back to what your mum had always believed in and that was us the people you know why she thought this way? its because if it not for the people there will be no Kingitanga, Whaanaungatanga, Manakitanga, Kotahitanga do you really need it spelt out to you or are you just going to be blind and turn your head away from the needs of your people the Maaori Nation thats right Waikato-Tainui have no say in your matters because they have been moved from being the minders to the gate keepers in a space of 5 short years I’am not a person to attack families and I wont cause its families that have to bare the brunt of public onslaught. Words to the wise too all of those that wanted a male at the stern of the Kingitanga Movement is this what you saw $$$ I dont think so aye! now what are yous going to do sit back and let it carry on because like I said before Waikato-Tainui can’t do nothing this is the MOTUs job you all know who you are and you all know what yous have to do Waikato-Tainui will support your decision just listen to the people not a bunch of wanna bees or else we will just end up back here in lala land. Like a great leader said we must look to the past to see the future I have looked back over the past five years and have seen the future a greedy and abusive King so I looked over the past fifty years and looked back to the future time for change again. To the Maaori King be honest in yourself and do what is RIGHT for the people we would like someone that is going to look after the people not their brand new cars and house


  2. jere
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 04:39:24

    chad, well finally someone has a clear picture and has hit the nail on the head. inside are we not all crying out for change, a different world, truth and integrity. well now is the opportune time for this to take place without delay. I would say to one and all look deep inside and dig deep for the courage to stand in unity as one voice, let’s stop accepting less, let’s stop the deceit, the lies. Be in your mana people, let us allow the heartbeat to find it’s true rythem once more, we have an opportunity to make the change right here and right now….here is something to ponder upon….”how long is too long” to let this destruction continue, is it a day, a week, or a lifetime….i think not… change is the only constant in life, we only need to have the courage to take the step forward, the right choice often feels like the most difficult, but once the step is taken, watch the way open to a smoother road ahead. If you all look with clear vision, and an open heart and listen, listen listen people to what is within, and to your intuition, even if we don’t want to believe we must accept what is right in front of us…..this change is the way for all the generations to come….let us clear the way for them to live their lives fully under the mantel of a true heart….. by removing a cancer that if it remains will surely continue to spread….kia kaha people arohanui


    Jan 26, 2012 @ 10:20:13

    A review of 2011

    FOR TOO LONG Te Arataura has abused the ‘delegated’ limited authority given it by their BOSS – TE KAUHANGANUI

    When are the members of Te Kauhanganui going to join with their Chairperson legally and morally and END the RAUPATU that continues within the Tribe. Te Arataura enough is enough.

    BULLSHIT – How can Te Arataura be permitted to take their BOSS to court with the Bosses money (before they win the case) BECAUSE they do not like the decisions the Boss has made. Te Arataura had 4 months to put their case together to convince their Boss (through the processes of Te Kauhanganui) that the changes were wrong THEY DID NOT SUCCEED. Why is Te Kauhanganui giving in to the spoiled brat tantrums. IT MUST STOP!!!!

    If you choose not to attend the 4th and 12th of February meetings Te Kauhanganui representatives then you are approving the raupatu on Tainui resources.MAKE A STAND END THE BULLSHIT!

    Attend the 4th Feb Meeting! Attend the 12th Feb Meeting – Vote out all the current Te Arataura members and re-elect Tania Martin as Chairperson of Te Kauhanganui for the term of Office.

    The court case on the 19 & 20th Feb can be withdrawn and the MONIES SAVED! Then all the monies wasted in legal battles of the last 12 months needs to be reimbursed and if that means seeking legal redress from Te Aratuara members individually then that too MUST BE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED!


    • Tainui on the Web. Eraka's Blog
      Jan 27, 2012 @ 13:53:25

      You are right, we have heard that certain individuals are lobbying Marae delegates to boycott the next Te Kauhanganui meetings of Feb 4 and 12 in an attempt to prevent a quorum and have the meetings hijacked. Vote with your feet is what we reckon!


  4. P.T.
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 22:36:25

    note to self,
    I’am not a person to attack families and I wont cause its families that have to bare the brunt of public onslaught………..
    As long as the kingitanga is under our roof we Maniapoto Waikato will always protect our king no matter what. Tainui descendants will always have a say in matters never exclude or under estimate us.
    No mention of Tukuroirangi Morgan Yet this Blogg is dedicated to the man,Oh thats right he’s innocent and we the Kingitanga loyals have to bare the public onslaught from people like you who from where they are standing can see the poverty line.
    you spend to much time starring at the kings life get your own.


  5. Chad
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 08:20:38

    If you have been following the Kingitanga movement for so long you tend too see everything as clear as day and as for Tuku you are correct and yes the whaanau from Maniapoto are ashamed of his actions but if you look deeper you will see the puppet show carrying on from a position of greed and me getting a life I have always had a life and this is one of the reasons why I have always been able to follow the Kingitanga movement for the past 50yrs yep 50yrs 3 monarchs. When you see so much disappear in such a short time you have to take a step back and wonder what if. We knew what Tuku was like before he became a Te Kauhanganui Rep for his marae remember the tight5 the $1,000.00 boxer shorts yes we Waikato-Tainui were dragged through the papers then and we lost the first maaori television. It just makes you wonder what people are actually thinking when they do these things in the front of public. King and Kingitanga the Kingitanga will only be around only as long as we keep supporting it and after all that has been done in the past 6 years by the King and his office I still choose to attend and work at every single Koroneihana and always participated in the Poukai rounds for so many years its not and Im not about to stop doing everything that I have been doing for so long, Kingitanga has and will always be the centre of my life and thats the way it has told by my Tupuna.


  6. Piko
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 12:52:12

    I too was brought up with Kingitanga but I do not recall my tupuna ever saying we should let Korokis grandson swear at his iwi because of who he is. In fact when the pohara gave everything they had to Koroki he told them he was not God and he took only some of their putea so as not to offend and gave the rest of their putea back to them to look after their sick, their pouaru and their rawakore. Those are the stories that inspired me. No I refuse to believe that even my own tupuna would support the greed of the king today and I will not believe that even our Lady would support what her son is doing. Remember, her own son was not her choice. The motu chose him and they should bear the brunt for their choice. I lived in Te Puea, Koroki and Te Atairangikahus era and there is no way you will ever convince me that the king today is anything like them.


  7. chad
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 16:17:40

    Kia Ora Piko I too have that theory


    Feb 06, 2012 @ 17:34:52



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