Parekawhia Mclean: Not involved with the politics?

For her part in the six-million-dollar coverup of 2011, and her continuing meddling attempts to invalidate the Hiona Marae election of three representatives including Tania Martin to Te Kauhanganui (with the help of Chapman Trip we might add).

Remember back in 2010 Parekawhia Mclean said this:

Patsy Mclean. Treachery, lies, and deceit.

“…the reason why I’ve survived is because I understood my role and I didn’t get involved in the politics.

Famous words lies uttered by Parekawhia Patsy Mclean when she assured the NZ herald reporter that she was a good pick as the new Waikato-Tainui Tribal CEO.



To provoke thought…

Sent to us via the email lists…

  • Why has Te Arataura behaved in a manner that has denigrated the mana of the very ‘body’ that elected them?
  • Was all the unnecessary litigation by Te Arataura, which has cost Te Kauhanganui nearly $1m approx, designed to serve as ‘smokey mirrors’.
  • Is this pattern of behaviour part of a bigger plan to effectively ‘dysfunctional-ise’ the main ‘body’, upon which the Custodial Trustee may then have certain powers?
  • What would be the best possible way to cover up a 3-year term of financial excesses then shutting Te Kauhanganui down, if all other attempts have failed?
  • Who will have power and control of our tribal asset base for the meantime anyway, if the main ‘body’ is dissolved?
  • Why has Te Arataura contravened the Rules by postponing the election, when their 3-year license has expired, and we have a entirely new membership?
  • What other explanation can a group of 11 people have for doing what they have done over the past 12 months, if it’s not part of a bigger plan?
  • Why, all of a sudden, has the king announced that he wants a new Te Kauhanganui, a new Te Arataura, and control of tribal funds to start anew and put our people back on the right track?
  • Will the king’s way be the right way for our people, and produce a sustainable future for our mokopuna?


The news is out – they’re staging a coup. While you’re out on holiday, Tuku Morgan and his fellow Te Arataura conspirators are fighting to have the Te Kauhanganui elections cancelled so that Morgan can stage a takeover. That way he can take control of the entire tribal resources for himself and do as he pleases WITHOUT being held accountable, and with NO transparency.

Morgan’s coup attempt will have the support of the usual suspects:

  • Patience Te Ao (mo’ money)
  • Charles Joe (mo’ money)
  • Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai (mo’ money)
  • Kingi Porima (mo’ money)
  • Robert Tukiri (mo’ money)
  • Greg Miller (mo’ money)
  • Timi Maipi (mo’ money)
  • Rahui Papa (mo’ money)
  • Rukumoana Schaafhousen (mo’ money)
  • Parekawhia McLean (mo’ money)
  • Tama Potaka (mo’ money)
  • Mike Pohio (mo’ money)
  • Hori Awa (mo’ money)
  • Tuheitia Paki The Maori King (mo’ money)

Big on lies and unmatched greed, Tuku Morgan has offered the inducements of big paying management jobs and mo’ money to his fellow co-conspirators for their support of his coup which seeks to to destroy tribal democracy, and to use and abuse the resources of the tribe as exclusively his.

Driven by his own desperation and greed which was exacerbated even further when he couldn’t get the Te Kauhanganui chair thrown out by the high court, Tuku Morgan would attempt to have the whole Te Kauhanganui tribal parliament disbanded so that he can steal the lot for himself. A nasty plot!

Wake up Tainui, before it’s too late!

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