The Farce Continues…

Oh My God!

In the anticipation of the cancellation of yesterday’s Te Kauhanganui meeting by Chapmann Tripp, management CEO Parekawhia Patsy Mclean refused to order the usual tea, coffee, and meals for the tribal parliament meeting. When tribal members heard of this act of utter contempt towards the people, a group of old people (70 even 80 year olds) banded together and worked until the early hours of the morning to make sure refreshments were provided.

So much for the wealth of the $600 million dollar iwi which provides for the people eh? Where did it all go? Only a few days earlier tens of thousands were wasted on a futile visit to the Hamilton high court… madness.

Update: The grapevine is working extremely well for us today as Piko comments that the madness went even further as Patsy Mclean attempts to lockout the people from their own building!

You are partly right eraka. I happen to know that the chief executive manager locked up the whole house and the chairwoman had to bring in the police and the pakeha locksmiths to open up the Kauhanganui chambers. The kaumatua did all the morning tea and the Horanganui Marae in Melville made hangi for lunch and the meeting empowered the members. What was neat too was that the kuia did the karanga for lunch. Thats manaaki. Boy the chief manager is in big trouble and he might lose his job.

Cheers Piko!