Chris Webster’s blog reveals more details about Tainui’s financial scandal!

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The Cracks begin to Appear

While they stick the knife in Tuku's back, fellow Te Arataura members show their true colors

Apparently four Te Arataura members were in attendance at Saturday’s meeting.

Why did they wait until the end of their 3 year term before they defied the lockout and Tuku’s orders to boycott the meeting?

Oh, they’re trying to say that dragging Tania Martin through the courts wasn’t their idea because it was all Tuku’s fault! It doesn’t take too much effort to visualize the knives sticking out of Tuku’s back.

Is it because they are trying to suck up to ‘the people’ while they seek re-election to the executive for another 3 more years?

Too little and three years too late is what we say!

Regime Change: Its Time to Clean out the Lunatics!

What the? There must be a full moon or something as madness reigns at Tainui:

  • Tuku Morgan and Chapmann Trip attempting to have meetings cancelled despite court orders to proceed,
  • Tribal CEO Patsy Mclean locking out the owners from their own facilities,
  • The Maori king attempting to have marae boycott Te Kauhanganui meetings in his effort to overthrow the tribal parliament.