The Cracks begin to Appear

While they stick the knife in Tuku's back, fellow Te Arataura members show their true colors

Apparently four Te Arataura members were in attendance at Saturday’s meeting.

Why did they wait until the end of their 3 year term before they defied the lockout and Tuku’s orders to boycott the meeting?

Oh, they’re trying to say that dragging Tania Martin through the courts wasn’t their idea because it was all Tuku’s fault! It doesn’t take too much effort to visualize the knives sticking out of Tuku’s back.

Is it because they are trying to suck up to ‘the people’ while they seek re-election to the executive for another 3 more years?

Too little and three years too late is what we say!

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    Feb 06, 2012 @ 05:55:23



  2. Techno
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 09:18:03

    yea brah nek minnit they each got a knive cuttin up each othas bs awwww hope they save a knive for the ceo. lockin out our iwi thats low man


  3. Tena Koutou
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 13:49:53

    Their time is up but like the Muburaks and Assads they (Te Ara Taura) want to hold onto power no matter what the cost to the iwi. Robert Ngaungau Tukiri told the Taniwha Poukai gathering that quote, “yes they’ve doubled what l used to get on the Benefit” (dole) Well if thats all his input is worth he best piss off and let someone who knows what he’s doing in there. Our kids are leaving home in droves to go to Australia seeking work. This sad fact is something Te Ara Taura should have addressed long ago with the money they are squandering in court to hold on to a position the vast majority of Registered Benficiaries want them to quit, what a farce they are projecting. Wasting money setting up shop across the Tasman where our kids are happy now to be earning good money and living and providing for themselves and their families what they were unable to do here, shame, Te Ara Taura. Should have set up shop back here in Waikato to help them.


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