Rahui Papa: Where the hell is this guy at?

Reports have filtered through that the Maori king’s favourite lapdog, Rahui Papa, has been trying to obstruct Te Kauhanganui meetings by placing pressure on marae elders to prevent attendance at the next hui to enable the king to declare some sort of faux emergency in his attempt to demolish the tribal parliament.

Two faced Rahui Papa is a Te Kauhanganui member, ‘rubber stamper’ for Te Arataura, and crony of Tuku Morgan (bought off with $10,000) and the Maori king. WTF is he doing as he attempts to sabotage the tribal parliament?

We reckon that he should declare his conflict of interest and get the F out of Te Kauhanganui as he does not represent the people in any way.

We have some good advice for Mr Papa: he should shower more often, he needs to tidy up his shabby appearance by losing weight and he should go get a haiurcut, furthermore he should refrain from his disgusting habit of gorging his face full of food at tribal gatherings. Our Rottweiler has better table manners than that guy.

We will continue to dish up the dirt on the criminals at Tainui!

The Profile they tried to BAN!

Patsy Mclean doesn’t want you to see this. Tuku Morgan doesn’t want you to see this and the Chapmann Tripp flunkies are trying to block the publication of it.

It must be something very threatening and extremely dangerous.

Here it is…

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Thats all.