Feb 8, 2012: Today is a Great Day for the Tribe!

The high court at Hamilton saw the following events unfold:

  • Cheers Tainui!

    The judge saw through Charles Joe’s lies and deceptions in regards to Joe issuing intentionally defective meeting notices.
  • Charles Joe’s reputation is torn to shreds as his ruse is revealed in public to a packed courtroom.
  • Commonsense prevails as the judge to cut right through the Chapman Tripp BS.
  • It’s a huge defeat for Chapman Tripp as NZs largest law firm takes a battering in Hamilton.
  • Jack Hodder, Chapman Tripp’s no. 1 lawyer saw the writing on the wall and left early, leaving his junior flunkie to take the heat in the afternoon session of the court.
  • Tuku Morgan sweats hard knowing that he is personally liable after todays visit to the high court.
  • Could it be that the lure of easy Tainui money no longer exists, and Chapman Tripp disappear back to their Auckland highrise apartments.
  • Tania Martin awarded costs in light of Te Arataura’s vendetta against her.
  • The people can get along with business without inteference as the new 2011 rules prevail.
  • Democracy is the winner and its a great day for the ordinary people of Tainui!

It’s Charles Joe who is the ‘Defective’ one

Charles Joe the Te Arataura secretary, is the person who is responsible for issuing notices for the Te Kauhanganui meetings. Usually, the notice is required at least 14 days before the meeting is scheduled to take place.

Charles is a devious little monkey as he has been deliberately sending out DEFECTIVE notices then they send in the Chapman Tripp scum to the high court to contest the notice and have the meetings cancelled.

Last year dirty Charles got caught sending out a defective notice that was inside the the minimum 14 day deadline (it was deliberately too late) and he fraudulently attached Tania Martins signature to the notice to pin the blame on her. A pattern of offending has emerged.

It has become apparent that the lockout last Saturday was planned regardless of the outcome of the case at the high court which Chapmann Tripp lost and the people of Tainui won.

It’s almost unbelievable but its definitely all true.

What a Clown: Jack Hodder

The chief liar over at the Chapmann Tripp firm said at court that Te Arataura needs to cancel the Te Kauhanganui meetings to maintain the status quo. And to preserve harmony. And to create a level playing field? Because of the hostilities inflicted upon Te Arataura by the chair of the tribal parliament!

Oh boo.

The status quo means that millions of tribal dollars remain unaccounted for, thats what.

This is the kind of crap that has taken millions of dollars away from iwi resources and placed it in the hands of thieving scum like Jack Hodder and Chapmann Trip.

Remember that the Chapman Tripp scum are the ones who told the Maori king to get the Te Kauhanganui meetings cancelled so that he can begin to take over the tribal assets.

Maintaining the status quo means maintaining the rip offs.